Friday, October 19, 2012

This Could Be Going Better

Sort of the theme for the past few days... weeks?

I'll start you off with my mental state and keep it brief. I'm tired of talking myself into coping everyday.

Last weekend getaway/Camping: Equipped, but not fully ... We had no marshmallows and we had no firewood, and the Visitor Center/Ranger station had neither. These things were rectified the following day, when my Dearest ManFriend ventured out the State Park windy road to procure the camping experience. Oh and the first night, there was not enough air in the mattress, and it was too late to add any. We did okay that first night but the rest of the experience was pretty nice. We had one of those lovely long walks up and down hills in the woods. No one complained, everyone enjoyed, the weather was p e r f e c t.

Work: A sense of completion for small projects. Things should be done that aren't. I need to try harder.

Knitting: More on that sense of completion. Hats that are of questionable size. Dog Sweaters that are of every size but the right one. (Don't talk to me about gauge.)

I went with it and realized that I still cast on too much when the brim of the hat began to look like the body of a child's sweater, ha! ahh knitting joy. (This is with the brim folded, the other picture didn't turn out. I wish I had something for scale, but it's huge.)

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