Thursday, December 6, 2012

They See You With Their Non-Knitter Eyes

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Last night after an evening of shopping and dining out with the in-laws, the Manfriend and I had a night cap and a little conversation.

I confessed that I had ordered a little yarn. That I was very excited about it because the colorway (he doesn't understand why I can't just say, "color") is called " “Christmas at Downton". From the Ravelry pattern page:
Jimmy Beans Wool is hosting a Mystery KAL in celebration of season 3 of Downton Abbey! Our December Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition color is called “Christmas at Downton”. The color itself embodies late Edwardian style perfectly with muted tones of sage, teal, plum/cranberry, gray, and eggplant. It’s a simply gorgeous color that will be perfect for the design I have in mind…of course, you are welcome to use any sport weight yarn you would like. I recommend a more durable plied yarn for this project…oops, is that a hint? :)
Him: You mean like the Masterpiece show? Downtown Abbey? (yes, he often refers to it as Downtown Abbey --> sounds so much more urban doesn't it? Like there should be a hip hop soundtrack or something)

Me (emphatically, fan girl style): YESSS!

Me (animated, almost knocking over glass of red wine ... it's okay the couch is beyond help): Oh it's for a knit along the yarn store is hosting! See we all buy the yarn, and then they leave us a clue on New Year's eve, where we knit up a swatch for practice. Then we all get the first clue to pattern and knit while watching the first episode of the new season! I'm SO excited.

**Part of the reason I'm excited is because I should be done with my holiday knitting right? Except for the odd gift that's been pushed out for "Chinese New Year"

Him: Wow, people really do this?

Me: Yes! Knitters love them some Downton Abbey. They love Masterpiece, but there is a special place for Downtown Abbey in our hearts.

Him (smiling that Non-Knitter smile): Well, that sounds cute.

Me: Just smiling, big foolish, excited 'cause it's Christmas at Downton smile.

The non-knitters are very supportive in my house. They "understand" my people. They are open-minded and accepting of the random lists of yarn weights, things to knit lying around, along with my muttering for where such and such needle size went hiding. (Seriously, where do needles go when they are feeling lost, forlorn and forsaking their master?) They have seen the Lord of the Rings inspired knitting patterns, they are wise to the meeting of the knitting groups and craft fairs of all themes. And now they have been educated on the KAL better known as The Knit Along.

This doesn't stop them from giving me the side-eye from time to time.

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  1. like Manfriend, I always thought it was DowntoWn Abbey too. Ya learn somethin' new every day!