Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's the status?

It was a strong desire to call in "knit". It was that adrenaline junkie feeling of, really that work stuff can wait. I'll still make my deadlines missing a day.  What I need to do is finish my knitting deadlines!

Well, it didn't happen. Guilt won out. I talk a good game but I never "call in". There are days you really need them for yourself or your family and you remember the value and importance. It's one of the few places in my life I have some discipline.

So ... I will be up late finishing this tonight:

Wish me luck. Shortly after I finish it, I will be weaving in ends for 5 hats, because I'm nothing if not an excellent procrastinator.

But after this I ask myself. What next? What do I knit? Is the knitting world mine again? Can I finally finish my sweater?

I will get it done this month. But first ... my sister's cowl, and maybe a pair of handwarmers, some decorations? and ... oh crap.

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