Thursday, May 30, 2013

Death Comes to Pemberly: Meh.

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I was looking forward to revisiting the characters of Pemberly and the allusions to the original novel. The book wasn't bad, but perhaps carrying all that expectation, just wasn't realistic on my part. Here are some of my issues that are in no way logical:
  • I could see it coming; the "what really happened" part. It was just a matter of a few details.
  • I felt like parts were obvious or redundant. Sometimes the allusions to the book were too detailed. Really, is there anybody reading this that didn't read the original? I felt like things that were mentioned in conversation, were mentioned again.
  • This was really a Darcy show and Mrs. Darcy aka Lizzie was just a housewife ...
  • All suspicious activity was ... too suspicious, in the sense that I felt like the book was highlighted for my attention. 
  • I felt things like the trial were trying. I just couldn't get behind it. 
  • Supporting characters: I didn't like anyone besides the housekeeper.
I really wanted to love this book. I really enjoy most of Jane Austen's books, but Pride & Prejudice remains my favorite. Sometimes when I reread Jane Austen, I remind myself, ahh, it's different than the movie ... thing. (This is especially the case with Persuasion where Ann Elliott is a little more simpering than on screen.) However with P&P (Colin Firth mini-serires version), I'm OK. The spirit of the characters remain the same and I am in love with their little social circle and crazy family dysfunction.

I think my problem is, I didn't fully appreciate it as a mystery. Which were my main expectations. Maybe if I had gone in thinking of it more of a sequel?

Not bad, not bad, but meh.

Ellen's recommendation: Meh. I'd tell you to read it if you like Jane Austen and so I could compare your experience to mine. Otherwise, decide if you want period piece or mystery, but this is not a case of chocolate and peanut butter if you know what I mean.

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  1. Good review. I'm always on the lookout for a book for Al. She reads nonstop and loves Jane A. Good to know this is NOT the book to buy for her :)