Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A work not really in progress and other diversions.

So the Common Ground cardigan has come to a grinding halt. My very simple reasons:

1) I cannot count and cast on in dark colors after 10 pm. I started things to find out I was ... wrong, and it has been restarted twice and ripped out twice. I am letting it ... rest, while I work out my remedial math a little earlier in a day with more time ... and maybe light.

2) I knit Autumn in New York, with the intention of giving it to a local charity. I gave a call to someone I used to work with at the local APS, remembering they have an emergency pantry for the elderly and disabled adults who could use a little extra warmth. Anyhow, they said they'd be happy to take a hat.

But, one hat? I felt like a loser. So I dug up a few other homeless knits I had laying around and one of the old pals from the office knitting group brought me over one ...and I decided I needed one more quick knit. So I think this is some spare Gryffindor yellow that is in progress to be just one more hat.

3) My son's 5th grade teacher is SO nice. My son and his classmates seem to be enjoying school and learning and remain respectful of her and each other. This is very important to me. I feel like teachers get such a lot of crap. It is important that respect for teaching authority is instilled not just in school, but at home, and is expected in the community, which includes your own classmates. [/end rant]

Anyways, I just wanted to give her a little token of appreciation, in the form of an Alpaca Gaptastic Cowl. I'm halfway finished and will post an FO pic soon! Did I mention she was really responsive, nice and cute as a button? All while maintaining a classroom of 10 and 11 year olds? sheesh! Cowls for all the great teachers!!

4) Soccer team knits. Hats and coffee sleeves. Relatively quick knits, but still eat away at what I had "planned" on knitting. You know, like those fall socks, that are turning into winter socks. Below is a hat I knit on the right to match the team colors. I think this guy is experiencing the Plymouth Encore Wool/Acrylic blend. The guy on the left is wearing a Barcelona hat (machine made shhh).

5) Holiday spirit.I have plans to knit a few pieces of happy decorations. We'll see how I do.

6) Chipping away at the first of my autumn / fall socks ... still. I should have sock #1 done this weekend.

7) I think maybe I can knit a kindle cozy like Wee Pleasures for my sis? Maybe?

Also I wanted to knit, Christmas socks. That might have to wait until next year eh? And I want to learn how to knit two at a time like all the cool kids on 2 circulars. This always looks magical to me. I hope it's not too hard on the hands.
Tell me, are you staying on knitting track? Or are you enjoying the journey like me?
Even when not knitting gifts I feel the "frenzy" this time of year.


  1. Well, I need to make. Cookies to post off, but here I sit. My excuse is that it is 10 degrees and I'd really rather read.

  2. You're dong good, girl! Well I just learned I don't have enough yarn in one.color for my niece's blanket. So waiting and buying that other color I had needed was a waste of time. So I had to rip back four rows of 126 double crochet and now I'm calling it a day on that project.

  3. Oh my goodness you have so much on your knitting agenda, no wonder you had to take a break.

  4. OH if you just finish the kindle cozy I'll be impressed! Im suddenly making slippers I had never intended to knit. Im so impressed with the woman who thought up the construction..she MUST be a teacher.
    Thanks for the teach love..my son could use some. Some of his students and parents are a real challenge.

  5. I LOVE that Autumn in New York hat. Gorgeous.

    I'm not really doing any Christmas knitting this year. I made a shawl for myself, but my sister liked it, so I gave it to her when we visited in November. She, in turn, gave me one of her quilted table covers. Win/win.

    I have a pair of socks on the needles for Steve (DH), but they aren't really a present. We aren't exchanging gifts this year. We are going to a hockey game as our gift to each other. BUT, if they get done, I'll put them under the tree as a surprise.

  6. As a retired teacher, I can honestly say your son's teacher will appreciate the cowl and your continued support. Teachers do have to deal with a lot and supportive parents are a lot quieter than the negative ones.

    Love the hats and all the projects you have planned. Give some IOUs if you need to so you won't be so rushed and miss the joy of Christmas.

  7. When my kids were in school I used to knit for the teachers, they do so much for our little ones. I finished the gaptastic cowl a few days ago and boy were my hands arms and shoulders thrilled!!!