Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap: Soccer Mom the Weekend Tournament Edition

This one was a whirlwind. Chocolate Crinkles were baked for the Soccer tourney down in Morgan Hill. Last hurrah of the season. Thursday night I realized I was out of eggs, so I ran home during my lunch hour on Friday to make the dough so it would have enough time to set before baking in the evening. Promises had been made! (Fear not, I live walking distance from where I work.)

We lost 2 won 1. But really it's an excuse for a team retreat. We stayed down south midway between SF and there, and the kids swam, played and ate together. We could've driven home and back the next day, but we made it a non rushing soccer weekend.

Hair, it's all about the hair. Sheesh.
The parents had a good time too, all for an amazing deal. There was a complimentary happy hour and snacks as well as a FANTASTIC breakfast buffet including omelets made to order!

The Manfriend drove up to watch the Sunday match (he works Saturdays) and about a third of the team had lunch on the way back to the city. We had cups of tea and watched the end of the 49er football game at Coach's house before going home to put the lights on the tree, shower (hygiene is very important we are constantly telling our boy) and make some Thai food for dinner.

The apartment was a wreak, but there was A Mickey's Christmas Carol, some knitting and an early bedtime. And here we are, back at it again ...

Tell me, are your weekends packed during this holiday season? Are you finding time to savor it and appreciate it? I feel like even in this busy pace we are going at in my little household, we are all having a good time.


  1. I feel like I'm under a Christmas watch. Next year I'm going to take advantage of those Friends and Family deals to save me some stress. Your cookies look so delicious! I would gobble them down. Love your son's hair. It looks so rock star.

  2. I am packed like crazy but not with little boys and their soccer tournaments anymore. Love the hair!

  3. I've been working out of town, so my weekends home have been a little hectic. I don't even have the tree up.