Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap: Holiday Family Fun

The kid has had an epic weekend. Too much fun. Maybe I did too, hehe.

Sleepover go karting birthday party on Friday.

The Manfriend (aka "the less embarrassing parent" ) and I had an early dinner at a new bar/restaurant in our neighborhood, Alta. It beat the heck out of doing laundry, but we were home in time for my Friday night PBS mysteries and a little holiday organization/checklist/knitting.

*oysters w/mandarin mignonette and salad
*warm root salad
*smoked trout & beets
*beef tendon and chick pea fritters
 * The captions are not exact titles, but general memories of what the dishes were.

Sunday was Vietnamese food and the Hobbit 2 in IMAX 3d with the Santa Rosa cousins. (My husband's step brother's family.) No photos of that adventure either, but lots of salt and pepper crab and garlic noodles and cubed beef were involved. We also got to catch-up as two families that don't seem to ever see each other all together enough. DEE-Lightful!

And Saturday my sister and I took our boys down to Gilroy Gardens, she secured great discount tickets through work. This was the first time I had been here. I had meant to go for many years while The Kid was younger. But I am really glad he got to go with his little cousin.

3 late nights for my boy. But many memories and lots of fun.

The boys loved the rock maze, they had to direct me out from the bridge!

Such a fun weekend, it went by fast, but not a complete blur ...


  1. The boys probably will fondly remember the days you let them "stay up late". Glad you had such a great weekend.

  2. What fun you've been having lady! And damn, those nom nom noms!

  3. Looks like you are having way too much fun these days.

  4. You did so much this weekend! We were inside watching the snow fall all day Saturday. Not complaining though. Love your gentle memories of food that was.

  5. A rock maze! Well I never…how fun!!!
    23 year old son and friends saw the same Movie saturday and loved it.

  6. Sounds like a fun adventure.

    The decorations in the garden must be beautiful at night if your photos are any indication.