Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Round-up

Jury Duty has come to an end. It was harder than I thought, but I did learn something about criminal justice. Though without going into it, the case was challenging, my fellow jurors reminded me of knitters and reminded me about the good in our community and society. In fact contact info was exchanged and look I had this tasty lunch with Juror #10!

Juror #4 had excellent socks. Every day he had on a different snazzy pair. I was too shy to ask for a photo op, but he had stripes, argyle, Star Trek! themed ones. Everyday he would give me a sock fashion show hehe. He knew I was a knitter and I may knit him a pair of socks ... this year (it helps to stretch out your target date, takes the pressure off.) I warned him I was going to ask for measurements, but that it was all completely appropriate!

On another note, I celebrated what you've probably heard me call, "The Official Mother's Day" yesterday. The Kid turned 11. My husband told him "As of today, your socks will become stinkier." I did not argue, but then again, some of the funniest jokes have more than a sliver of truth, non?

We celebrated with my in-laws up in their neck of the woods last Sunday. My MIL is still recovering from some foot surgery so we went to her, but it's so pretty up there, it's not a difficult trip to make. It's about an hour and a half north west. My MIL, she's tough stuff. I try not to complain around her too much about anything.

Last night we went to dinner at Kid favorite Benihana  with some family friends after swimming lessons. Naturally, I overate. Then we came home and he opened presents from family. He's a lucky fortunate boy. We'll have to do thank you cards ... in cursive. OOoooo. (Why is cursive now considered so evil? Somebody explain this to me? Nancy, Kepanie any teacher insight? I just thought because it's hard to allocate resources/time to something that competes with "more important" stuff like, reading, science, math, etc.)

This weekend is the big birthday party extravaganza. Honestly everyone else is more excited about this than me. It gives me anxiety, but I will be happy if everyone has a good time.

What about my knitting? I'm sure my daily domestic isn't necessarily that interesting, but it's what I do.

1) Knitting and learning with Mr. Dress-Up. I just turned the heel. This is my happy knit right now. I hope I'm doing it right!

2) The Great Divide is at a stand-still. I'm going to pull-out that yellow. It offends me every time I TRY to like it. Yes, it could be because it looks like Barcelona's football colors, it could be, because circus music starts running through my mind when I look at it. I do like yellow, Kathy, sorry, but not with this.

3) Common Ground, still needs to the double-knot join.

4) Trying really hard not to cast on anything new until I can make a little progress with one of these other projects.

Look who is coming to town next week?!?

I'm totally going, and I promise not to fan-girl out too much and bring shame to the family  ... but if I can get a picture taken with her and my sock in progress ...


  1. Happy birthday to the KID! :-) Looks like he had a pretty delicious cake.

    Have fun @ the Yarn Harlot. I imagine she is quite a funny person IN PERSON. :-)

  2. Love the look of that grub! What a perfect cake for your son. It would have been cool to see the sock fashion show. I love fun socks.

  3. It is fun to connect with individuals with which you have spent time working on a common goal. I hope your courthouse friendships continue to grow.

  4. WOW Lots on your plate this week. Congrats on civic duty served! Congrats on your great attitude during the inconvenience as well.

    Happy birthday to your Son! That cake looked amazing …how do you do it Ellen? ;)

    Cursive like driving stick shift, is a must for the young , …I feel.

    Happy Weekend. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son

  5. They grow up so fast, 11 is an awesome age, still little but trying to be big, but not a teenager.

    Hugs to you,

  6. Oh the horrors of the thank you letter. How hard they find it to write this simple thing. I do hope he had a good birthday.

  7. happy birthday to your boy! Glad that jury duty is behind you :) Wish you did get a photo of those socks!!

  8. Stephanie is coming near me too and I definitely want to go! Enjoy yourself - and get that picture!

  9. See if she'll knit a few stitches...wouldn't that be special???