Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Soup & Socks

The court had some non jury related business to deal with and set us free early.

I treated myself to creamy things at the local Nordstrom Cafe. Above is a lovely crab bisque.

Appetizer shrimp crostini. Couldn't finish it. I did finish my Arnold Palmer. Those are my coca cola substitutes. You feel me Kathy?

I love to make shrimp at home with compound herb butter. ( I love compound butter.) alas it's not exactly cholesterol friendly. The boys like that and scampi style but are not friends of heavy cream.

But look here. 

I had my fall socks finished but not woven in. So I did that during a recess. I really don't understand if there is a special way of weaving in socks. Do you have a special technique to recommend?


  1. compound herb butter??? DO TELL me how!

    1. Garlic Herb Butter:
      I softened stick of quality butter.
      minced cloves of garlic (I like to start with 3 depending on size)
      italian flat parsley - chopped.
      (additional fresh herbs: oregano, thyme, sage-chopped)
      lemon juice
      salt and pepper
      mash it all together with a fork in a metal bowl. plop it on some wax paper and roll it into a log. Keep in freezer or fridge and put on a pat on whatever makes you happy. Great on Roasted Vegetables, steamed potatoes, steak, fish, prawns.

  2. Ellen please email me your home address...

  3. OMGosh! Crab bisque and shrimp scampi? I want! Your socks rock. I like that maroony purple in that colorway.

  4. Are you allowed to take your knitting into the jury room?

    I had jury duty a few weeks ago. Sadly, they do not allow any type of needles so knitting was out. :-(

    Your socks are really nice. Looks like they are quite long --- probably a GOOD thing considering how cold this winter has been. Congrats on the finish.

    1. You can take the knitting into the court room, but you can't really knit since most of the time court is in session. I save it for the waiting, during recess/breaks etc.

  5. Lovely socks, and what a nice lunch you had. The bread looks delicious. I'd worry I'd fall asleep if I had to sit in court for too long without any knitting or sewing.

  6. yum! looks like the perfect lunch~ your socks turned out great! as for weaving in...i always weave on the top of the foot so as to not have that little ridge on the bottom of my foot~

  7. I weave diagonally through back purl bumps about 7-8 stitches worth.

    Lovely socks and that toast looks great. Both my daughter and I are toast lovers :)

  8. At the cuff I knit the tail and the working yarn together for 5 or so stitches, ending with a knit stitch and then look the tail around the working yarn for 5 or so rows up the cuff. For the toe, I just weave in through the purl bumps for 7 or so stitches, kind of knot it off, and then cut it. I've never had any issues with my ends coming out...something I worried about at first.

  9. Oh my goodness! That soup looks amazing!