Monday, April 14, 2014


The mornings have started off cold and foggy.

We dress in layers and dream of the next warm cup of liquid as we get our day going.

Sunday before our son's soccer match we decided to get Japanese Ramen for lunch. Not instant ramen, REAL ramen.

We headed down the peninsula (for shopping chores as well, Target etc) and stopped at Dojo Ramen. They are known for spicy broth. The place is small (it seems most ramen shops are). We had to wait for a while outside, but by then it was pretty warm and I had a sock to knit in my purse. The menu is very focused. I got mild spicy for my first time to be able to taste the actual soup. I chose garlic pork flavor and added on corn and bamboo shoots. (I gave the quail egg to The Manfriend, shh, don't tell my Mom!)

It was definitely tasty and I would go back, but I prefer the old fashion version of its sister restaurant, Santa Ramen. (Which shares it's plaza with a Japanese grocery store AND a Joann's ... In case I need more comforting :)


  1. oh yum! that makes my instant ramen look well....instant
    you always share the most interesting food!
    wishing you & yours a happy easter~

  2. Sounds delicious, I wish ramen was more available here. Light, spicy and healthy - perfect.

  3. I have never had real ramen....something I need to change one day! Looks delicious!

  4. I didn't even KNOW there WAS real ramen. That looks delicious!

  5. Brings back some wonderful memories of Japanese ramen shops I've visited.

  6. yum!! I have never had real ramen before but would love to!!

  7. I have never had Real Ramen….Now I must try and think of YOU Ellen when I do. :) Glad you had a sock with you while you waited...