Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP: Plan of Attack

Here is a snippet of the Work In Progress that really should be a button band away from being a done baby gift. Alas! I was finishing the bottom 2x2 ribbed edge and really stopped to take a look at my status (during Agents of Shield Tuesday viewing with The Kid) when I realized, this sh*t doesn't look right.

Basically the edge looked too big, and when I thought I had gone down a needle size I had gone up one. How does that happen? Well Addis are narrow at the tips? Okay, I just didn't pay attention when reaching into my bag to switch down needle sizes.

I ripped it out, re-threaded that puppy and finished the bottom ribbing with the appropriate needle size. I was hoping to have finished the bottom AND one sleeve last night. I'll have the entire thing done by the end of the weekend, at the latest.

I did finally fix and cast off that first Winter sock. (I won't post a photo till the pair is completed properly, that could be ages) ... but is it so bad that I'm thinking I want to start a spring pair?

I pulled out a pair of dpns and some yarn I got in Kathy B's fall swap! :)

It looks like growing things right? I am thinking just a pair of stockinette socks. I've never done that before, so why not now?

The pink sock is on the backburner again, but thanks to Nothingbutknit who heard my neurotic pleas for help I am back on track.  I need to bang out another baby knit and I'll return to this project.

Notice how she's found yet another twisting sock pattern!

I've decided I'll postpone the rest of my sock knitting adventures that I've had so many encouraging recommendations for with magic loop sock knitting. 2 on one, 2 on 2 circulars etc for the summer, when I don't have ... gifts I'm knitting. Maybe I'll manage 2 of the techniques over the season?

What's in progress for you? What's in your knitting future?

On a completely unrelated note. I have a great debate with HM on just how cute I think Prince George is. (he's a baby, he's a royal baby, but whatever) I say cute. She says, not so much... not even a meh. How can she be so wrong?


  1. That sock yarn is beautiful. I think it is perfect for spring.

  2. I'm trying very hard not to start a blanket. So much time, so much yarn, it's madness. And yet... I shall look forward to seeing your next sock. I really need to give socks a go, but they scare me. So small and tricky. The baby gift is looking good, that will be one smart little baby. Hope you have a good day Ellen.

  3. I think the Prince is a cutie, too!

    I'm trying to use as many scraps of yarn as I can for the time being. My scrap bin is over-flowing.

  4. That sock yarn is lovely! And as to Prince George - I'm not into babies as a rule -but he's got some darn cute cheeks.

  5. I love that sock yarn. Would love to see it knit up, sometimes its so different….kind of a surprise.
    As for George, he's cute. And I am a baby expert….self proclaimed, but after 30 plus nursery years….I'm qualified right?

  6. I've done the same thing using the bigger needle instead of the smaller! I'm glad you got it sorted out and are now back on track.
    The yarn is lovely:)

  7. Agreed. His Highness is absolutely adorable.

    Great sock color. You go.

  8. love your sock yarn immensely and I do think the royal baby is a cutie :)

  9. I love wearing stockinette socks, but I do think they are extremely boring to knit. However, they are perfect for on the go or tv watching or book listening ... so I usually have a pair on the needles. Because they are so boring though, they usually live on the needles for quite some time before they are finished. I LOVE magic loop and always do that since I first learned the technique.

    I loved your little narration of your baby sweater project ... made me giggle.

  10. You aren't helping your George cause by comparing him to kittens...

  11. The striping looks good! Good for you on fixing the ribbing. I like that green yarn!