Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break 2014: Monterey Bay

Spring Break Selfie!!

First! We have a winner: Leslie! Super Congratulations ! I've sent you a message via Ravelry. I'll get this out quickly once I get your mailing address!

I'm sorry I did not post sooner on who won, or posted sooner in general, but I was living the dream. read that as paid time off ...

I was on Spring Break hiatus (though I originally had every intention of updating the blog in a timely manner... bah!) and had a ball hanging out with The Kid and his pals. Instead of taking The Kid out of town for the duration as I had originally planned, we did a quick overnight and 2 day getaway to Monterey Bay. (I was going to do 3 days/2 nights, but I wasn't willing to give up his dentist appointment on Tuesday. Friday I had promised The Kid and 7 other boys I'd take them to see Captain Ameria 2: Winter Soldier Opening Day. And Sundays we like to spend with The Manfriend aka Dad, the nice parent.)
Movie thoughts, in case you were wondering... I liked it better than Captain America 1. Yes, I like action, comic book, fantasy blockbuster movies on my own, without school kid influence. Honestly the action was very entertaining, but I miss the old wide shots of fight scenes where it is more visual than a bunch of shaky cameras and punch blocking arms. I am thinking more in the style of the choreographed martial art scenes from the good old days. And personally I think The Winter Soldier is more handsome than Captain America, but yes, I think he (WS) could use a friendly meeting with some shampoo.
Back to the break ... I rented a car and The Kid navigated when I *ahem briefly got lost in town on the way to the hotel. I may have mentioned, I do not drive much. This sometimes leads to some anxiety when I have to do it after a long while. I was fine after 20 minutes, although cars are fancy now. I had a car with a pedal for an emergency brake that had NO ignition key. You literally press a "Start" button. Crazypants! That's not my husband's big butted Honda Accord or my local MTA pass! I didn't know how to work the strange pay kiosk at the gas station and sort of let someone else go before me to see how it's done. I felt so stupid! But it all worked out and within 20 minutes I was driving on the Freeway, in traffic making "Mom" faces at the other bad drivers. hehe. Still, I don't like traffic. You commuters are amazing.

Our hotel Portola Plaza was lovely. See Kid -- so happy to be checking-in, especially after they give you warm chocolate chip cookies :) He wants to recreate the recipe. Add that to the To Do list ...

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located approximately a 1 mile walk from our hotel. It's a beautiful scenic, walk or ride along a bay path filled with pretty scenes of boats and seals and birds. The next day we rented a bike surrey and rode down further. Next time we'll rent "regular" bikes and maybe try kayaking on the bay!

My Bezzie Mrs. B. lent me her guest passes so we saved some money visiting the Otters, which is probably the only place we didn't spend too much on our Mother/Son get away, but really, it was a fantastic time!

Real otter photo 1 by The Kid
Real Otter Photo 2 by The Kid
The Kid is still a Kid  when allowed to pick out a small souvenir, he still opted for a Stuffie :)   


  1. Looks like fun! (And I'm 35 - I still opt for the stuffie too!)

  2. What a beautiful place, it looks like you had a fantastic time. Your photos are great. Well done you for taking eight boys anywhere!

  3. How fun for you and your son to getaway for a day or two. I love that he still wanted a stuffed animal, my guys wanted them for years. I swear they still might and they are much older.
    Hugs to you,

  4. what fun! I get anxiety with new driving places and like to KNOW where I am going. Glad I have a buddy across the country that is the same.

  5. Your adventure sounds wonderful - and the memories you created are by far the best part.

  6. What a cute stuffie. Monterey is a terrific place to go with the kids. I always tell the hubb that I don't want to go there without them. What a lively and fun holiday. You're the second person who liked Captain America. When I watched the first one, I didn't know his back story and was shocked at how small he was, LOL.

  7. Ellen

    1- selfie is one keeper that's for sure
    2- could not shut off car the other day or figure out how it went ON so you are not is tough!
    3-love seals
    4-love love love that he picked a stuffy. JUST like my kids would.
    fun post lady

  8. Lovely trip!

    (also I can't wait to get my yarn...replied on Ravelry!...thanks!)

  9. One-on-one trips are soooo satisfying. Looks like you took full advantage of the weather, the place, and the excellent company!

  10. never ever too old for stuffies!!!!