Thursday, April 17, 2014

Falling Asleep at the Needle ...

See that there? That's what happens when you're determined to finish the toe of sock #1 before going to sleep. You were good, you took the late class at the gym and worked an hour of cardio. You walked home. You didn't eat TOO much before going to bed.

It's midnight, you're working by the glow of some cable movie on the t.v. that you really shouldn't have in your room, but you're a grown-up and it your house, your hypocritical rules, ha! Okay, there is also a sad excuse of an end table lamp on, but really someone with the eye sight of a woman gently and ever so gracefully maturing should be using more. Also, if you could find those ever elusive glasses again, it would've been good to employ them...

So somewhere on your late night journey to end of the sock, amongst the puppy snores of your husband, you nod off too.

You wake up, and really the world is the same ... except for the sock.

Now you must stay up another half an hour trying to get some stitches back on a dpn. Is it just me or do dpns and stitches seem to shrink in the middle of the night ?

I could not fuss with "if it's right."

This morning proves to me, it's not.

At least it started off pretty ;)


  1. I hope you were able to straighten out the needles and the toe stitches without too much trouble.

  2. Oh dear. I'm always nodding off as well. Hope it's all fixed now.

  3. Oh no didn't have to frog back the whole thing did you?

    I empathize .....I think any long term knitter has been-there-done-that. Hope today is better knit-wise.

  4. Ellen

    You are a WRITER woman! I love this post. Yup dark yarn in the dark of night is bound to misbehave! I too have tried to FINISH and regretted it the next morning.

  5. You are so funny! I fall asleep knitting every now and again, when I wake up I am afraid to see what has happened. Since my eyes have started to mature in the last six months I have glasses on every table in my house.

  6. Oops! Your rest is much more important. The sock may be giving you stink eye but you will conquer that in the end. Hug. Miss you.

  7. Ah ha - its like my don't drink and knit rule ... well its more of a guideline, stockinette and garter are OK, but NO lace or complicated shaping should go with beverages that dull the senses!

  8. hope you fixed it! I'm working on the second glove and I keep making mistakes unlike the first glove! I think I'll blame it on over confidence :)