Friday, July 11, 2014

Hey I Saw That! Friday Edition

This little bit of wall art is also in our industrial/residential neighborhood. (hmm, there's a lot more than that around here now ... labels are lame)

Anyhow, The Manfriend spotted it on his way back from the gym and thought we'd all like it. This is when I realized he walks a really wonky path compared to me. Same gym, different favorite paths. Even when I deviate from my usual walk, I only go one or two blocks out of the way. His path is unnecessarily out of the way in my opinion, and kind of ... isolated. 2 things I don't like in my walking recipes ... especially in the dark.

 I admit to sometimes taking the bus to the gym, even though it is only 15 mins at most away by 2 feet. shh!

I like this. It speaks to me on many levels: crafting, personal, professional. I'm doing what I can folks. There has been some more rainbow knitting happening. This weekend between family BBQing and the World Cup Finals (I'm going to go through withdrawals when this ends, I swear it). I'm aiming for a little sock and shawl knitting. Maybe if I'm feeling really twitchy, I'll try to bake something new, too.

What's on your weekend agenda?


  1. It's amazing how life-like the sewing machine is. It's a shame there are starving artists who have talent like this.
    This weekend I have to shop for dip ingredients and then it's the homies together Sunday.

  2. If the rain holds off, it will be an EPCOT weekend with friends. If it rains....not sure.

    I love urban art. We are beginning to get quite a bit of it here in Orlando. I have one saved in my photo file for an appropos day.

  3. Bazaar market in the morning, sewing, knitting and World Cup in the afternoon. Sounds like a great day. Oh, and try to figure out what else to do with chicken instead of the same old recipes.

  4. baking....not sure what, but it'll have blueberries in it!!! :) hope you have a great weekend!

  5. nothing super exciting this weekend which is fine by me. I need some quiet time with my knitting :)

  6. I love that wall art, funny your two take different paths, and of course you have to take the bus sometimes, I mean it saves on precious knitting time.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Love that it speaks to you!!
    On the docket; Already volunteered at the animal shelter walk of love this am IN THE RIAN.
    work tomorrow

  8. I'm working for most of it ... so that. And spinning up a storm for Tour de Fleece.

  9. What fun art!
    Heh- I have been known to drive to the gym which is only 5 min away. :)
    I am with you Ellen, I am going to be super sad when the WC ends.

  10. great art! we aren't walking distance to anything except our garden and our neighbors horses
    our weekend was spent going to the farmers market and spending time with our grandaughter & our!
    wishing you a great week!