Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Round-up: Rainbows and Mini Duffins

On Friday I had a few hopes I wanted to put into action, even though I was already anticipating a good weekend -- which it was.

First of all, there was some more rainbow, festive, happy knitting. This yarn is so cheery that even when I realized I made a mistake and had to pull out and inch and a half, I just kept going and wasn't that mad. Sock knitting on the streetcar to make up for lost time ...

I am hoping to be finished with (this) sock  #2 this weekend. I did get a little distracted by my shawl knitting as well. But we'll speak of that later this week too ;) Heck, maybe we'll get a Friday FO!

Saturday morning before Zumba I decided to make The Kid a proper first breakfast. (I am pretty sure I have repeatedly mentioned he eats like a Hobbit on the weekends -- 2nd breakfast was soup) There was a scrambled cheesy egg, some Irish back bacon and a new  recipe (got that baking in!) of doughnut mini muffins, or as the boys have come to call them, The Duffins.

I used the King Arthur's Doughtnut Muffin recipe. 
*Note I used more like 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of nutmeg since the amount called for seemed too much. I still added "stuff", meaning some raspberries and blackberries to redeem it a tad. I believe I reduced both the oven temperature and baking times to accommodate the mini size. Also, I did not use their topping, but opted to sift confectioner's sugar and cinnamon over instead. (see below)

You can see the berries mixed in here. I didn't use a lot, just because I still wanted a doughnut taste.

Also, they are mini, so that made them cute and less ... calorific. 

Later that afternoon, my sister picked us up at BART and took us out to Dad's. The Manfriend met us when he got off of work and picked plums in my parents' backyard. He's going to make a big batch of plum jam for the restaurant this week :)

Sunday was more exercise, World Cup final (what a match!) and more family time. It was a relaxing day, which is just what we needed. Honestly, I ended up doing laundry and knitting in the bedroom while the  father/son dynamic duo played video games without me in their space.

I confess to watching the Harry Potter movies on t.v. ... with commercials ... again ... even though I own the series. I can't not watch it.  Why is that? Is it because, it's magical? LOL Do you have something that comes on t.v. that you cannot stop watching even if you have easy access to viewing it?


  1. Lots going on in your world.

    I love to make jams and jellies and would love to hang out in the kitchen and lend a hand. Crabapple jelly and apricot jam are by far my favorites to make.

  2. These duffins look hella good! I like the pop of color from the berries. And cinnamon mixed with powder sugar? Wowza!
    I don't blame you for watching Harry Potter despite commercials. Any Harry Potter fan would do that. The magic of it all is too hard to resist. Is do the same. Me and the girls like to watch ol' Charlie Brown even though we have the DVDs.
    Thank you for your wit and the smile you gave me today. I didn't want to reuse words I used before and I wanted to speak "Stef." I wrote a lot better than I talk. When I write I can come up with smart, big words.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your rainbow socks; what yarn are you using? Your duffins look great. If you send me your email, I'll send you my stepmother's pie crust recipe; guarantee no fail and definitely caloric. Our girls use it, too! It works. jatshaw at

  4. If HP came on the tv I'd watch it commercials and all and yes we own the series as well.. Something about it just being THERE. Love the muffins and I want just one :)

  5. Cute pic of Manfriend. Those grilled shrimp pesto kabobs intrigued me (prior post). We had some shrimp kabobs this week too, but more Asian type. Recipe. Please as I have lots of basil growing.

  6. Those socks just make me happy with all those bright colors! The muffins look delicious. Yumm!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those mini duffins look so yummy. I am guilty of watching movies on tv when I own the dang thing. Harry Potter would definitely be one of them. Probably Bridget Jones Diary and Steel Magnolias too.

  8. Glad yo had a lovely weekend, and you are so funny because if I am flipping through channels and Harry Potter is on I immediately start watching, I loved every movie and every book.

  9. Seinfeld..over and over and over…and Modern Family and the movies;
    buck, apollo 13 and bridesmaids and groundhog day

  10. Me too!! I must watch the HP movies even though we own them all. And Transformers, no matter how many times I have seen them. And Thor, yes, Thor. Oh, and Sherlock Holmes, and Avengers, and, and.....

  11. Small baked goods are free from calories, aren't they?
    I tried really hard to catch the HP bug -- but couldn't do it. I'm a bit sad about that, but I truly can't get into the books!