Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Antarktis & Me

I'm trying to ramp up my summer knitting. I'm trying to realize those hopes and dreams from the beginning of the summer but I do not seem to have the momentum to even conquer a quarter of my goals. So I joined My Sister's Knitter Sock Yarn Knit Along. It encompasses all that I need.
  • Sock yarn obsession: everything I want to work on, socks, tank, shawls all seem to beg for sock yarn.
  • A sense of completion: I have 2 pairs of socks that I know will get done this summer, but I wanted a deadline to drive me. I'm an adrenaline junkie (code for procrastinator). Push me. Give me a list, I want to check something off. 
  • Good company. Even if I finish one item, this group is always a joy to go read and catch up on -- so supportive and kind.
So I cast on for Antarktis. The first try had me thinking how can I be doing something wrong? The pattern is so straight-forward. Before I could really rant on my lunch hour about the evils of lace I looked within.

Me, voila! Basic techniques are not so basic for me.Yarnovers re-learned. (I was a wrong way wrapper with YOs between knit stitches. I should've just brought the yarn forward and knit like a normal person)

I think Kathy B. would describe this as potato chip knitting. I have to "kinda" pay attention, but it's easy to follow so far.

Current To Do:
  • Finishing Prodigy (well the Legend trilogy, really) for Mother/Son summer "book club" reading.
  • Finish Dr. G's summer socks
  • Finish summer rainbow socks
  • Recast on a pink pair ... this time in Hermione's Everyday pattern
  • Cast on Purlwise Rib Tank
  • Maintain 60 mins of sustained cardio at 3x a week
  • Take more pictures where I'm in them for The Kid
  • Work on a homemade pie dough. "Easy as pie" my a..
Remember it's not too late to enter the sock yarn/project bag giveaway!  I'll pick a winner on 4th of July, because I'm a party animal like that ;)


  1. Your yarn overs look pretty good!

  2. I love the idea of a knit along. Something I should try I think! Lovely pattern, and really good yarn, I'll look forward to seeing it finished. CJ xx

  3. yikes! that's a very very ambitious list!!! Can't wait to see these FOs come flying off your needles!

  4. About two years ago, I discovered I had been doing yarn overs wrong for nearly 40 years. It was a "duh" moment! I have no idea who taught me my bad habit. My yarnovers look great now.

  5. That edge is an eye magnet. So striking. You're doing good Mama. In my opinion of someone who doesn't like "triangle-shaped" shawls, the end really is pretty much kicka**.

  6. That's a pretty shawl - it will be nice and cozy!

  7. That is a great shawl. I hadn't come across it before!

    Your list is impressive!

  8. I'm all for potato chips and potato chip knitting :) lovely stitches and yarn overs. I'm rarely in photos as well!!

  9. I think you are on a roll, and I would love some potato chip knitting.