Thursday, July 17, 2014

Come on Stitch Count (fingers crossed)

So I thought I was progressing on my shawl.

And then after a second repeat of a section I realized my stitch count was off.

The pattern is pretty simple so it's not clear to me how I am messing this up.

I'm only one off now. 

I might have to "make" this happen. I think if I stick the extra stitch by the edging it won't throw things off.

It's not that many stitches total.

But I'm lazy. I want to go forward.

What do you when you're off? Do you keep tinking or hide it if you can?

I am willing to tinker and try to get creative if I feel like I am "close", but there is a limit. I want to knit, not fuss. I say that, but then I obsess over the pattern and the stitch count and the alignment and the math, to a point. That point is known to move.

I admit if I can SEE it, I usually end up pulling it out, since I know it will drive me batty otherwise. 


  1. That is a terrific color. Love it. Hmmm... I'm anal so I would probably tink back. However, if the stitch count being off doesn't show, is day your safe with adding at the end.

  2. I'm pretty anal. I'd tink back or, if worse came to worse, frog it back. Kepanie is right. That IS a beautiful color.

  3. If it's only one stitch and the stitch pattern is not too obvious, I will usually "fudge" and make it work.

  4. oh so sorry. Im as fickle about how I handle this as I am in every other aspect of my life. SOmedays I fix, somedays I hide it. I usually regret the attempt at a hide later. though

  5. Oh honey I tinker all the time, I swear I do not know how I get off sometimes, and lace...well don't even get me started on that, I just can't do lace cause I can't count to three consistently.

  6. If I'm off by one stitch I add where it will not matter. Usually I can find where the stitch is missing and create one there. If it's off by many then I rip to where there is no mistake. Good luck!

  7. It looks to me as if you are in a 'transitional' panel of garter stitch.....I'd just throw in a stitch there and get back on track, ready for the next textured part. Especially if it didn't throw off the patterning in the last section!!!! (and you know what they say---will anyone notice on a galloping horse??)

  8. First that is absolutely a beautiful color! Love it! Second, I always rip until I fix the mistake. It would bother me too much, especially if it ended up messing with the pattern down the road.

  9. beautiful color! i would tink not would drive me crazy which is why my finished projects are few : (

    hope you're having a great weekend!