Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So Quickly Comes September

August was fun-filled and social.

This weekend was too much busy bodying to actually knit, but that's okay. With September here, I feel there will be many clicking needles during soccer match warm-ups and parent organization meetings, orthodontist appointments and homework revisions (ugh) ... ( I love my kid, but sometimes some of the things we deal with take such over compensation to get over my instinctive  "No, I don't want to" feelings.)

This weekend my phone died so there weren't as many snaps as I would've liked to share with you. But that's the story sometimes. Highlights:

Dinner with Mrs Canada and her fabulous family. Such good people, fun people. The littlest Canadian likes the frosted tea cake cookies so she pretty much showed her decorative skills off here.

Picnicking and swimming in the Bay. We were invited to hang out with a couple of families at the South End Rowing Club  (not to be confused with the Dolphin Club next door hehe) and see if we could brave the Bay waters. It was warm, air and water -- not the usual year round temps. I'm so impressed with open water swimming, it frightens me a little bit. I did a few lengths between the pier and the first buoy that marks the entrance to the big round laps of Aquatic Park, but I'm not ready for that big circuit, maybe one day! Regardless, super fun. Friends, Sunshine and Guacamole!

Afterwards we went to a cocktail party for one of my husband's former bosses. We managed to clean up a bit first, it was a tight turn around, but we made it.

 It was good and fun and an early night.  We took a taxi to pick up our son from our friends' that were watching him, and took another friend's  boy home with us. Pals are the best on 3 day weekends.

Ebelskeivers and sausages for breakfast.

There were a handful of other happy things. But I feel summer is slipping away. I have been obsessing over this song lately, maybe in preparation?


  1. You and your husband look adorable together. Summer is slipping away, but Fall is coming and that is a glorious season.

  2. A really beautiful photo of you. It sounds as though you've been busy, but enjoyably so. Long may it last! CJ xx

  3. love the photo!!! sounds like you managed to slip into September quite nicely!!! (plenty of time for the needles to click....)

  4. Great Summer-ending post and aren't your sons cuties. That goes for You and the Mr. also. The bay area is one of my favorites for California. Luv it.

  5. such a cute couple! Bummer about the phone :( I would weep a tear or two if mine died..

  6. I love how you cleaned up for the selfie!! Ellen you have AMAZING hair. I want it …okay?
    Guacamole…you had me at guacamole….

    Summer does feel like its slipping …….Im hanging on with all my might though….sunset here is now about 7:30 pm…..much different than a month ago!

  7. You and the husband are a cute couple. I like that Star Wars comforter. Is the Dolphin Club a big group of ppl who swim with bright caps? We saw this group at Aquatic Park on Sunday.

  8. You are right, summer is slipping away much too quickly! Sounds like you had a great weekend though.