Friday, March 6, 2015

FO Friday: Basic Baby Hat in Stripes

This hat is so basic the pattern is actually "basic baby hat". I've done it multiple times with success. But somehow this project had a longer more difficult gestation.

A sprinkling of why:
  • I cast on for the wrong size
  • Not enough yarn
  • Lost a stitch marker
  • Decided late night stripes is the new knitting seduction
  • Can't find my US 6 dpns
I swore I would collapse into bed early. But decided on a quick finish -- weave-ins and all.

I fantastic episode of Vera was on (though I saw who dunnit a mile away) and well, here we are. A scrappy knit toddler hat. Hope it fits :)


  1. I LOVE Vera....and the sweet little hat, too! It is funny how every project takes on a life of it's own even when it's a familiar one.

  2. Oh I have spent many a night saying early bedtime and then getting sucked into a project. Then, next thing you know, it's AM instead of PM.

    The hat is adorable!!!!

  3. Terrific colour combination. Stripes take a basic design up a notch. You go on going all the way and beyond for someone.

  4. It's lovely, well done you for finishing it. It's so satisfying to wake up in the morning to a completed item. Enjoy the weekend Ellen. Good result for Man City on Weds wasn't it. CJ xx

  5. It's adorable. For some odd reason, I find knitting stripes motivating. I keep telling myself, "I'll knit one more stripe," and before long, I've knit several inches and many more stripes.

  6. I think it looks perfect despite the mishaps. I am obsessed with Parenthood on Netflix right now. Of course I am late to this show so have only made it to Season 4, I will be devastated when it is over.

  7. LOL! I have many projects that have languished for all those reasons -- even ones that should be easy and straightforward!
    I'm glad you were able to type this week with your "boo"!

  8. well even though it was tricky....toddlers are too!

  9. a beautiful hat and I can see with those challenges why it took a wee bit longer than usual :)

  10. Very sweet! And yes, knitting stripes can be very addicting and perfect late night knitting. Good job overcoming the challenges.

  11. Very cute hat! Someone will be very happy to wear it!