Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Things are sunshiney good, and I've still got to do dishes ...

Okay so you are some very kind people, having any sympathy for my burned polka dot on my finger. I promise you, my finger is fine. It's a tiny boo -- not even a boo boo, just one boo. It's a little raw after dishes but other than that, it's pretty much forgotten and painless. (I'm always a bit raw and cranky after dishes and I can't wash with gloves, because I can't feel if the dishes are clean with them on. Weird?)

I even managed a few rows on my baby hat last night after it happened, before collapsing in a puffy cinnamon sugar crusted heap around midnight.

I've really got to get some more sleep.

That's not really a complaint as much as it is just a basic fact. Good sleep is important for good health. At least that's the story I'm buying today :)

Anyhow, it all doesn't matter, sleep or no sleep. Look what the sunshine brought? The fantabulous Dee, of Tangled up in Sticks and Strings sent me some of her Florida vibes in this beautiful hank of hand painted yarn. How cool is that?!? I love it! It makes me want to eat rainbow sherbert ice cream in a sugar cone though.

Mmmm Sherbert
Why do so many things make me want to knit and eat?

Dee made that stitch marker!
Knitting does seem to minimize my snacking though. Good sunshine combination? Iced coffee + Knitting. Oh yeah, they are BFFs.

Tomorrow is the day of the hump. Works in Progress Wednesday and I need to figure out which day I'm going to knit at lunch. I'm running out of days. If it's as pretty tomorrow as it was today, I will try to get outside with the yarn.

What about you, where is your knitting sweet spot these days?


  1. Great yarn, it will get your knitting juicess flowing! It's so nice to have warm again, I knit outside two days in a row! Is winter over finally?!

  2. I am so glad that the yarn made it safely to your home. I hope you enjoy knitting with it. :-)

    I made a start on your Zauberball. DH decided the resulting socks should be for him. So plain vanilla pattern on a gorgeous blend of blues/purples. He recently lost his first pair of Zaubs to holes. Hopefully the new socks will help him get over the loss. LOL

    Hope you finger is all better by now. Happy knitting!

  3. P.S. I think I'm going to get a name tag with the FANTABULOUS Dee on it. LOL

  4. that dragonfly is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! yummy yarn, too!

  5. I have NO KNITTING! I have yarn and patterns and plans, but right now at this very minute I have no knitting. This must be remedied at once. I'm glad the weather is good for outside knitting, it's always lovely to knit outside isn't it. Have a good day Ellen. CJ xx

  6. Love the yarn and the yummy colors.

    Yes, sleep is VERY important to good health - the voice of experience here. I had years of lousy sleep until I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Undiagnosed, it caused all kinds of other health issues. Get those ZZzzzs!

  7. Beautiful yarn-looks like Florida!

    Glad to hear your finger is healing.:)

  8. Love the gift yarn and dragonfly! Dee's a doll.
    Glad to hear your boo boo is a mending.
    I'm knitting a cowl loosely based on a pattern I did not write.
    IM loving it

  9. So sorry to hear about your finger but glad you can still knit! Such pretty yarn! That Dee is a very special gal!

  10. sorry about your finger! that yarn is like solid sunshine though, hope it perks you up !

  11. I love that dragonfly! My are you lucky, I hope your boo boo heals quickly and you are once again whole.

  12. That is happy yarn and a perfect dragonfly stitch marker. They definitely make up for oopsies scones and a burn.

  13. Dee is the best! And you are right that yarn is yummy!

  14. That Dee is a lovely lady. I'm loving the socks I am knitting right now ... just passed the heel turn and on to the gussets.