Monday, March 2, 2015

Another example of my self sabotage ..,

So it seems I've accidentally created snicker doodle scones.

Yeah, not sure how they taste because I refuse to try them.

Why? Well I have this childlike spiteful ness that I should be above. Shizenheimer happens, that's life. I made brownies for this very reason, hoping something would go right.

I'm mad because in the process of making crap dessert, I did this:

So no I'm not being rude but showing you my tiny burn blister.

Will it really impact my life in the grand scheme of things?


But it will be a pain in the butt for a day or so to type as furiously and inaccurately as I do, possibly. Hehe (The magic is, even if you make mistakes if you type fast it's still faster to fix, so this would be a humble brag, ha!)

The anger is that I've been so busy I was willing to stay up super late to knit. But tonight, it hurts. Burning one's finger for crap cookies is in a word, disappointing.

So really another excuse my knitting is slow? Meh. Again life is good busy. So even without this "injury" I haven't really been producing much. A few rows here and there ...

I hope you are all enjoying the good. I hope my snow embracing winter east coast and Midwest friends are finding some warmth and craft. Sunshine in your heart wherever you may be.


  1. Oh poor you, that's really annoying. I hope it's all better very soon and you are back to typing and knitting at warp speed. CJ xx

  2. Ouch! Finger injuries are painful and are awkward while healing, I hope yours heals quickly,

    Six inches of new snow last night, and this morning the wind is bitter cold since the wind is blowing. I'm procrastinating about bundling up and heading out to shovel. Sigh!

  3. Ouch~! Burnt finger = no fun and no knit fun.
    I hate to burn my tongue too. I've takes to putting an ice cube in my coffee etc so I don't burn my tongue.

  4. It is amazing how something at the tip of your finger can impact your life so much. Hope you heal quickly.

  5. oh poop. Sometimes those little oops are really really irksome. (one of my job 'hazards' .....papercuts. hate them, too!)

  6. Burns are no fun. It sucks that that affects your knitting. How'd you accidentally create snickerdoodle scones?

    1. I was tired. I was very, very tired. I have no idea how the scones happened. ha! But my coworkers ate them all. I did recommend tea or coffee with them ;)