Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When your knitting reflects the state of your life

My knitting is on the verge.

I finally finished and blocked that purple Antarktis you've watched me fuss with. Still can't get the best photo of it all opened up. But I'm rather pleased with it.

I picked up the kid cardigan again. It seems rather large even for a size 4. I'm only half way done through the second sleeve and I'm terrified I don't have enough yarn to finish the collar. I'll have to give it the old college try. Everyone cross their knitter fingers for me.

I wanted that cardigan finished by now, but real life gets in the way. Our evenings have just been overflowing with soccer practice, track meets, late work days, bake sale baking and school functions.

What's a girl gonna do? Enjoy it.

I'm leaving Thursday evening (holy hot pants that's tomorrow!) and by then I know the work will be in a good place. I know the apartment will be in a state that my husband won't feel like his messy wife just abandoned him for a life of leisure.

But I have a feeling I will be abandoning that cardigan in another state of In Progress . It is the "Dear knitting gods let there be enough yarn to finish this thing" version.

I will take the yarn to start/finish neon sock #2 with me, but other than that ... I'm kind of at my wits end of what to bring on my holiday.

The truth is, I really don't want to haul a bunch of stuff I'm not going to use. This is a Spring Break of the whirlwind sort. We have plans every day. We are seeing different friends, and we are planning a whirlwind ... within the whirlwind.

The patterns I've been studying, the colorwork that's been interesting me ... they all require a certain level of time. Whether it's allowing to try more than one needle size or seeing what colors in the stash (or the yarn stores, mwahaha) work best together. There are some patterns that may just have one of those chart things that will require uninterrupted attention, and a certain ability to be comfortable with failure (my desire to use "comfortability" as a real word was overruled by the fact that I would know ... it's not a real word. Damnit.)

Okay so after all that prattle and rattle you're asking, "So what are you going to bring with you?!?"

Sock yarn for ... socks. I know, it's not zuper zexy, but socks and me... We are one right now. They bring me such comfort and I think that's exactly what I'll need on this trip, amongst all the excitement.

Mother & son are going International...

Need a hint on where we are going? The yarn I've been waiting for was just made available. I am able to ship it locally to a friend and avoid international shipping fees. My friend confirmed my "wool" made it.


  1. Enjoy your holiday - knit if you can, but don't obsess if you don't have time because whirlwinds can't be controlled. 😊

  2. Shut the front door! You're going to Harry Potter in the UK? JEALOUS! Take me with you, pretty please with chocolate on top? *heart* your shawl. What a wowza pop of colour.

  3. Oh, my....I'm speechless. I should have never clicked that link. Now I won't be able to sleep all night.
    Bon voyage across the pond!

  4. England! You're coming here! I'm so excited for you, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. There's a lovely yarn shop in London called Loop, so I've heard... Just in case you happened to be passing. And I can highly recommend a day in Bath should you be in the west country. Have a fantastic holiday Ellen, CJ xx

  5. Lucky you! And such perfect yarn for trip to Britain.
    I always travel with socks. They are just so perfect and portable.

  6. love love your shawl and have a safe fun trip!!

  7. The shawl is really lovely! I hope you will get a lot of wear out of it.

    Enjoy your trip - can't wait to hear about it.

  8. enjoy enjoy enjoy! your shawl is gorgeous :) goodluck with the cardigan...i just won yarn chicken with a shawl...wishing you the same!

  9. OHHHHHH you have fun headed your way. And SOCKS? what's not to love !!!! They are the best for traveling.
    Your shawl is wonderful.....
    Im so into socks now its kind of sick

  10. squeeeeee!!! Have a great time!!! (your shawl turned out AWESOME by the way)......I actually knit a pair of socks from that very yarn; something about it reflecting the colors of the tube stations. I knit my socks while in London, too! :) happy happy dance.

  11. How exciting!!!!! I am a bit jealous as I am working over Spring Break. Take socks, enjoy your boy and all the fun sights around you.

  12. Enjoy yourself! Love the shawl and the great new yarn! Can't wait to see it knit up.

  13. Safe trip and have a wonderful time.

    Good luck with the cardigan. When I was a knitting teen and would be close to running out of yarn for a project, my dad would say, "Knit really fast so you finish before you run out."

    I am back to sock knitting too. I have finished two pairs this week. It must be the weather--nothing to big or warm in the lap!

  14. Enjoy your whirlwind! I was thinking socks the entire time ... its the perfect travel companion!