Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just catching up

August is turning into the busy beast I figured she'd be. But it's been a whole lotta fun being busy.

My lovely friend Mrs. B. is visiting with her boy and this led to a glamping trip up North with a huge extended school community. Many of our friends go every year and for one reason or another our family never made it. This year, since Mrs. B. was coming back as part of the alumni group and we had other very good friends going with their families as well, I threw my hat in the ring.

What a good time it was.

Here are a few snaps.

This was my kitchen table the morning we left. Gotta have baked goods for glamping! (Besides I had to leave a few for The Manfriend as he works every Saturday)

This was The Kid's attempt at Muffin tin eggs. Not bad, but not best results? We will try again, we struggled because we were not able to control the heat, and were cooking off a burning fire instead of brickets or campfire coal logs.

Try the recipe from here!

So, I originally had a rustic one room cabin with basically bunk beds and a double to share with some pals. We got upgraded to a fancy lodge due to some logistical issue on their side. Can you say, air conditioning? Totally changed the experience, and the packing. I'm not complaining. hehe. The people that ran this place were SO amazing and kind and patient with all the families.

This was my friend's lodge next door with all the kids swim gear drying :)
This was the swing in front of our lodge. Perfect for knitting overlooking the Andersen Valley. Dreamy. I didn't get to knit a lot. There was a lot of things to do with friends. The night sky was amazing with stars from this spot too.

Knitters Dream (when it was towards of the end of a HOT day)

I am knitting, it's slow but lovely. I think this is a common theme among knitters right now. I am monogamous and just chipping away at the Banana Leaf shawl. I'm sure once the life pace slows down, I'll find some knit pace again. 

Besides, school starts next week, mwahahahahahaha!

Wishing you all a good August.


  1. Yummy treats! I've always been a fan of soft boiled eggs so those eggs also look yummy to me. I bet they were a bit smokey too....mmmmm. I love the lodge and the view. What a perfect knit spot. Vacation knitting is the best.

  2. what a nice getaway!!! :) (the a/c in particular!!!!) Love the banana leaf doesn't need to be a speedy knit. Enjoy the journal!

  3. What a place to escape....just beautiful! Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like a fun trip! Looks to me like you baked up a storm! All yummy, too, I'll bet.

  5. Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer, I'm so glad. The trip was no doubt a brilliant adventure, and the food looks excellent! Enjoy the rest of the summer. CJ xx

  6. upgraded with AC is always a very good thing. Lovely place you were and I do hope you squeezed in a wee bit of knitting here and there.

  7. Fun, fun, fun, and I'm sure AC made it even more so!

  8. My kind of camping!! We used to have an RV with AC, then my husband sold it. It's a wonder I still talk to him!!!

  9. Ooh, drooling at the goodies! And you are so adventurous. We went camping once, but my husband is a city slicker.

  10. You are living right ELLEN!! Upgrade with a/c! Wahoooooo.
    I love all things camping and cabin. Your knitting will wait, its just marinating.

  11. Looks like a beautiful area to go GLAMPING!

  12. You are so right...that place is a knitter's dream spot.
    Good luck on finding your knit pace. I am still searching mine out, then again I am not a good girl like you and monogamy is a foreign word to me. :)

  13. I had to look up "glamping" on Google, and I'm glad I did. What a great idea! Looks like a perfect place.
    Take your time with knitting. It should be relaxing!

  14. Oh, now glamping is something I could do! Looks like a lovely time. I agree, its HOT and usually too hot to knit (I was working on a lace weight WIP recenlty) or spin.