Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knitting Friends IRL

"IRL" as the kids say, is "In Real Life".

This week I've already been lucky enough to "hang out" with my Knitting Friends two times this week.

On Sunday I got to hang out with our lady Leslie Suzanne and her beau, Bill who were visiting our fair city. It was so sweet of them to make some time for me during what sounded like a really fun getaway! We didn't get a chance to knit together this time, but we did get a chance to really meet -- which if you can forgive the cheesy rhyme was really ... neat. (why yes, yes I did that.)

Leslie is always trying out different yarns and reporting back on drape and shape, which now working at her cool job is maybe a little too easy sometimes ;) She's a traveler and a weaver and always full of "reveal". Her blog is very candid with her personal and creative journeys. Her desire to improve in all aspects of her life is pretty inspirational to me since I struggle with transition and change more than I like to let on.

We had a really nice walk along the bay from Pier 39 to the Wharf and Ghiradelli Square, where we had sunny day Sunday drinks with some really good chat and laughs. I think she was actually able to follow some of my tangential thinking aloud ! (I call it talking ...)


Crazy fun.

Speaking of crazy fun look who I got silly with last night?!?

My McK Alumni Knit Club gang got together after a summer hiatus. The gang keeps in touch via a group text which has forced most of us to change our notification settings since we chat so much our phones were beeping and dinging like a cuckoo clock driving our families if not ourselves bonkers!

We were very excited to see each other to say the least. DL was hostess with the mostess so we had a gaggle of mini knitters with us as well.

She made an amazing pasta but alas we shoveled it too quickly into our faces to get a proper photo.

Knit Club quickly devolves into food & wine club and the latest is Dance Party. Please don't ask, but they play a throw back dance party show on t.v in the background and then a combination of critiquing and then example dance moves goes on. (Let's just say I've had Lionel Richie stuck in my head ... all night long, since)

Anyhow, somewhere in the pleasant cacophony of it all, we knit a few stitches and show and tell our latest projects and try to help each other out with new techniques or really poorly written patterns.

Do you get a chance to knit with friends? Do you like to knit with people or are you a private dancer? I'm shameless and will knit anywhere in public -- even standing waiting for the bus.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!
    My best friend and I will knit together and chat when we visit. And of course, Mom and I knit together all the time.

  2. I knit with a group on Tuesday evenings. Attendance has dropped from an all-time high of 12 knitters to a consistent four with some others stopping by occasionally. We work on a variety of projects and some just come to chat.

  3. I knit with friends sporadically but knit everywhere always. I meet some interesting people this way cuz the yarn gives us a safe topic! Cool.
    Glad you had fun with your friends!

  4. I'm envying you your knitting club, it sounds like loads of fun. I'd like to go to something like that, but I don't think there's anything locally. You've had a good week I think. CJ xx

  5. I miss my old knit night buddies. We disbanded after I retired and the knit shop closed. I never found a group to click with down here. I am so lucky to have my blog friends to knit along with-and podcasts. It would be so lonely without technology!

  6. Such fun gatherings!
    For some reason, I do not know a ton of knitters here. A friend and I have the go-ahead from a local knit shop to start a knit night, so that might help!

  7. I do get a chance to knit with friends and it's quite therapeutic! The internet friends are great but you do not have that face to face interaction like with real people..

  8. We knit in a shop every Wednesday locally. It's a highlight of the week!!! And of course lunch afterwards out is terribly fun!

  9. I don't actually. None of my homegirls knit. And we've moved. I wasn't pleased with how I was approached with something when trying out a new group so I haven't gone back. If I really want to knit in a knitting environment, I'll go to San Jose or San Mateo to their LYS.

  10. Almost none of my friends knit, but I do get to knit with patients when I volunteer. Sounds like you're having fun with your knitting pals. Gosh, we've not been to SF for a while, maybe it's time to visit our B and SIL?

  11. This post is full of fun! It's great meeting blogging friends IRL. I had the chance to do that when I attended a Vogue Knitting Live NYC event a few years ago. It was so great to connect in person with people that I have known for so many years. A bunch of us (between 10 & 15 knitters) meet every Tuesday evening at a local Panera Bread. We pretty much take over the joint with all of our chatting and yarn. But now I need to suggest a Dance Party night after reading this! Grooving to Lionel Richie oh yeah :)

  12. Ohhhhh......ya wanna guess what song I have stuck in my head now???? LOL

    I'm definitely a "group" knitter when I get the opportunity, but I have no trouble going single either. It's ALL good.

  13. Haha now I have Lionel Richie in my head! Looks like you had such a lovely time with everyone! Your knitting group sounds like so much fun! I love to knit with others when I get the chance. Sadly I only have 1 knitting friend close by, and we don't get to knit together too often. All my other knitting buds live in another state.

  14. AH so much fun!!! Meeting real knitting friends is the best. I used to have a lovely knitting group but unfortunately we all got too busy. It is sad when life gets in the way of knitting.

  15. It was so incredibly lovely meeting you! We WILL knit next time I promise...I'll be better prepared...won't fall out of cars, that sort of thing :)

  16. It was so incredibly lovely meeting you! We WILL knit next time I promise...I'll be better prepared...won't fall out of cars, that sort of thing :)