Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A momentary pain in posting ...

At least that's what I'm hoping it will be. I screwed up my back kids and am having crazy muscle spasms and pain.

I can't even knit. 

I'm putting my big girl pants on and going to the Dr. this afternoon.

I promise to get it together after.

Meanwhile I hope you are crafting and laughing your way through the summer. Any good summer cooking going on? Family activities that are making you all enjoy spending time together?

While with my Mom this summer we rediscovered the joy of Gin and Gin Rummy. My friend Ms. Annie B had me rediscover the joy of a crispy refreshing Gin & Tonic at the end of last summer. But right now I'm all about iced black tea and strawberry lemonade. Grown up never? Maybe the classic white wine.

What about you?


  1. OH ELlen. Im so sorry. Been there. OUCH.
    Get some plans and PT in line please!

    We are busy packing it up..and hoping all goes through well!

  2. Oh dear, I hope your back will improve soon, that sucks!

    Gin and Tonic and gin rummy are some faves of mine. I used to play gin rummy with my mom all of the time, and of course, she always claimed that I owed her a ton of $$ for the times I lost! ;-)

  3. So sorry to hear about your back. When I injured my back last fall, nothing helped as much as gentle yoga.
    I'll be in the Bay Area July 16-26. We will be in SF for sure on the 18th. And you are always welcome to meet us there or in Berkeley. Just saying. deborah.kades@gmail.com

  4. So sorry you're scrumpled up, I do hope you're able to sort it out soon, it sounds painful. I made tayberry jam in a hurry today. Sadly it has not set. Won't stop me eating it though. CJ xx

  5. Oh, no. Back pain is no fun. I've been to the ER twice from spasms so bad The Mister had to carry me in. Feel better soon!

  6. Jello Shots, my new fav. Delicious in whatever flavor you prefer. Hmmm, I wonder if there is such a thing as pudding shots? Must research. No cooking, life is too busy to rely on anyone person being home to cook for. Knitting, still going. Pain-hip pain that has dogged me for decades. No lie. Finally can no longer limp my way through. PT for a few more weeks, revisit with the ortho, but don't think PT and Naproxen are the cure. Afraid it's a Labral tear. Because, you know I am such the MD.

  7. OH damn! What happened? Yes, pls see the doc. You can't function like this. I'm sorry hon. Sending you a hug.

  8. As a chronic back pain sufferer - I literally feel you! Take care of yourself!

  9. I do hope the doctor gave you some wonderful medicine!!

  10. Nasty back spasms...
    Rest is the only thing to do to calm it down.
    Sympathy galore sent your way!

  11. Hope this day finds you feeling much, much better! Hugs.

  12. Your poor thing! Speaking of someone who has had a lot of back pain in the past I understand. Tiger Balm and heat are your friends.