Monday, February 8, 2010

I was sick, Fer Reals.

Last week I was kind of ill. It wasn't a flu -- no fever, no shakes, I was just congested. Really, really congested. I think I demolished half the costco kleenex supply. However because we're talking about health, and I'm getting up in my granny years, let me make sure I'm completely clear just HOW ill I was.

There were sinus headaches, and 2 nosebleeds and lots of snoring and drooling sleep (ahhh so sexy!). Now I've dabbled before with the Sudafed, Shing my personal pusherman had me pretty convinced of it's effectiveness for lesser sinus problems. But this time, I needed my own supply. Unsure of what to purchase Shing says, "If it's not behind the counter and they don't ask for your license ... it's the wrong one."

Now Shing was right, the stuff works, it was good, the Pharma Tech w/the nice hair even agreed.

But alas it was not enough! The storm system moved into my chest and then I was just congested everywhere too much.

On the third day, after I came into work ... when really I should've just stayed home another day, Awong introduced me to the love that is Robitussin Cold and Cough with Expectorant.

I now carry it around in a ziplock in my purse for residual symptoms.

Now even though my voice goes hoarse every now and again during conversation, or I have to clear something out in my cube I still feel the need to let people know, yeah this cold is real. hey yeah, look out for it, it's going around, blah blah blah. wtf, I might actually be worried that people thought I wasn't sick. That's pretty pathetic of me. Pretty sick.

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