Monday, February 8, 2010

Overcompensating ... Again: In areas of Health this time.

So yes, earlier last week I was ill. But I had signed up for the SF Fun Run 5k w/Sonny. And well I was concerned I would be too weak and wanted to bolster my sad constitution.

I forced myself to an easy beginning ballet class on Thursday. I whined for 2 hours before going. (I have consistency problems). But I was glad I went afterwards, of course.

Saturday, The Kid's best pal had him over for an all day playdate before we could really have mother/son CLASH OF THE TITANS: Battle Royale 3,217 World Championships. I had the day to myself. I got grumpy as I went from one room to another picking up other people's crap, or crap other people could've picked up. So I said, "Crap on this crap! I'm gonna Exercise!"

And somehow I'm the big winner b/c I hauled myself down to a Saturday Faux Beginning Class at another studio. Now, I know this teacher, I know that this is no true beginning class, and she sees my ass after months, maybe a year? and says, "Good to see you, you know this is a 2hr. class." dun, dun, dunnnnn.

I made it, I survived, it wasn't pretty and I was pretty stinky. I was so ick nast afterwards I couldn't subject MUNI to my own ... bleh. So I walked home. And I was immediately in pain.

The next day at 6am I'm up like sunshine and daisies to be ready in time for my big walk w/Sonny. Can't let him down. Heck! I get bragging rights and a free t-shirt! I can completely justify sitting in my chair and knitting the rest of the day away!

The walk goes well, I even ran a bit. The funniest part was Sonny was running the 1/2marathon and was approaching the halfway mark when I was approaching my finish. I thought it'd be cool to run along side and cheer him on for a second. Except well, I couldn't catch him. HA! He got me to run extra without even trying! Bastard!

He finished at 1:34! Double Bastard.

But now see the first thing I did when I came in this morning (besides brag to my friends that I exercised TWO times this weekend) was start looking up other 5Ks in the hood this year.

Overcompensator or just Obsessive or just whack?

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