Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knit Myself Calm

That is the goal I believe. You know, I love it for more than the touchy, touchy of the fiber; animal, organic, faux or not. I love it for more than the "I created something!" Harry Potter magical feeling -- though these are all good and valid too.

Seriously, I knit for the zone, and for a sense of completion. Two things that are ever elusive in our daily lives. The grind gets us, it can be merciless and so unforgiving that slowing down is forgotten. The grind lends an illusion of self importance, that something has to happen and it won't happen without ME!

So I knit for calm, I knit for the zone, like a runner catches rhythm and a swimmer catches breath.

But I am so self defeating. In my excitement for the calm, I jones, I shake, I distract myself TOO MUCH from the grind (you know stuff that pays for yarn and rent and the kid's summer camp etc.). I think of what I could be knitting, what I want to knit, what I need for these projects and reprioritize both lists over and over again.

Now I'm in a frenzy. I could cut a thug for two chopsticks and some twine.

Please send Help.

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