Friday, February 26, 2010

My Olympian Status

My Olympian Status is in question right now. I was happy to see that The Yarn Harlot seems to be in similar struggles. Well not happy for her, but it was nice to see that I do not struggle alone. It was also nice to know that Stephanie also is not just knitting non-stop, that she works, travels, socializes and does other annoying things like interface with her family and colleagues when she'd really rather could be knitting.

The thing is Stephanie is doing some kinda crazy Nordic sweater. I've just got a simple cowl. But I am doubting my provisional cast on. I'm doubting my capabilities of dropping and increasing at the same time. I'm not sure if I'll be able to kitchener join where "no one can notice".

Basically I'm paralyzed by fear. Wow that's never happened before!

I was so paralyzed, I picked up a hibernating hat and somehow managed to knit it inside out. But Ms. Pearlcream and HM seemed to have sorted me out.

Also, I'm prep cooking/cleaning for a family party on Sunday, I'm going to Stitches West Market tomorrow and I kinda got this kid person who needs me around and stuff.

See the excuses. My case is so classic I'm boring!


Anyhow, regardless of how I prioritize it will be done. I AM an Olympian ... I just may not place. Perhaps on Monday my report will be a little like the dutch bobsledding team.

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