Friday, July 6, 2012

The Kid Comments On Knitting

This morning over breakfast The Kid says, "You know I might want to learn how to knit."

I controlled myself over a nice cup of Kona blend. "Sure dear. If you want to, I'm happy to show you. I'm sure you'd be great at it."

"Would I start with a hat or scarf?"

"Start with the scarf."

"But I may not want to learn now."

"Whenever you want, just let me know." (A chance to share my other love with my other love? It is too good to be true. Enjoy this moment!)

I think this all came about from Steve & Kate's camp, which has all kinds of activities, including crafting ones that my son seems to avoid. He's done everything from run around like a crazy beast and fall of the slide, video game, make music "tracks" and hang out in the lounge playing board games in bean bag chairs. My nephew goes to a different location and he whipped up a pillow for "Peanut butter" his little dog stuffie. He made it on their sewing machines. I cannot even use a sewing machine.

Anyhow, I thought the morning conversation on knitting was the perfect way for him to model my finished Christopher hat.

Project Stash was whipping a bunch of these out in the winter and I promised myself I would make one. I am definitely not a quick knitter, but that didn't upset me as much as the messiness of my stripes. I pointed it out to The Kid and he said, "Yes. It would look much better if the stripes went all the way around without that little bit missing." (you can see an example pic on ravelry, I'm too embarrassed to put it on blast here.)

I was worried he would hand off the hat (which he'll probably do anyways, but give me at least a day where you like my handknit.) "I am thinking it just looks like a seam right now."

Well anyways, I am not thwarted. I will try the hat again in another set of colors. I enjoyed knitting it, and that is what matters most. Maybe I'll have someone to join me to enjoy the stitches ...

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  1. I think your Christopher hat looks wonderful!! If you want to practice jogless stripes, there are great video tutorials out in YouTube land that are excellent. Thanks for stopping my my blog the other day. To answer your question, my Wonder Blanket will be knit with all my scraps so I will most definitely mix worsted, fingering, and dare I say it? even chunky! : )