Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A piece of knitting.

I know I haven't really written about knitting in a while. (Thank goodness whispers Harrigan). Mainly because I am embarrassed I do not have pictures, and I know it can get boring listen to someone ramble on about what they'd like to achieve.

(I'd like to achieve a lot on and off the knitting scene just in case you were wondering ...)

Well I finally weaved in the ends for my blanket for MoMo's family. It wasn't so painful, since I was watching Two Towers, which makes even folding laundry relaxing.

I wish I had a long shot of the entire blanket to show you, unfortunately I do not really know the best way to take a picture like that. I should ask littlesnoopy, aka Ms. Photo Know How. I like her smarts, she's always very supportive and gentle and even when I don't understand something obvious doesn't make me feel like a dumb@ss. (This is an important quality in a friend.)

Stay tuned because thanks to the new apps for Ravelry, Wooly and Yarma I think I might actually have a few photos of some additional "moments of completed knitting".

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  1. I have a hard time photographing shawls, blankets and other big/long knitting things. I think the Purl Bee would be a good place to get inspiration shots. Or Alexandra Grablewski: