Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I Learned This Holiday...

I am the last one to get my land legs back from water travel (Clipper Ferry from Victoria Island to Seattle)

I am a little evil when I'm hungry.

Never eat a Space Needle hot dog -- even if you are VERY hungry. (Husband has sworn off hot dogs indefinitely after a bad one. For him to swear off the hot dog is a big deal. Sausages are apparently still OK.)

I think from indulging in so many lattes while on vacation, I have learned I'm kinda lactose intolerant.

I am the most forgetful one in the family, despite the fact that I badger everyone else and run through their checklist. (I left my swimsuit at the Stanley Park Public Pool changing rooms and had to go back for it ...)

My husband has anxiety dreams when away from home. The funky small double beds at the Waterfront Marriott didn't help. Amazing how we payed HALF the price for the room at The Blue Horizon in Vancouver and were TWICE as happy there in terms of room accommodations. (Although we should've taken the fancy shmancy ginger orange toiletries from the Marriott ... ah best not to clutter.)

I don't snack on holiday like I do at work.

I found my new favourite pastry. I love raspberry croissants. Unfortunately they are in Seattle from Le Panier. (I know, it's not savory crazypants!!)

My Kid knows his Japanese ramen. He specializes in Shoyu and Chashu if you must know. (Don't hate on the fact it's a chain ramen house. Trust me, this was some tasty stuff. I had the only non Asian with me in the joint.)

If I lived in the Pacific Northwest I cannot say I would embrace the fleece, but I would totally nurture the wannabe jogger/runner in me. The weather is perfect for it. I would also learn to knit socks, for sure.

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