Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Next?

This week, I have not knit for a few days in a row. This is kind of sad since I was really on a roll again. Maybe I can finish another sleeve over the weekend. Maybe I can cast on something new!!

I have to be strategic about it. We leave for a small getaway for Seattle and Vancouver in just a little over a week. I will obviously need to bring knitting. I would like to bring things that aren't almost finished, so I don't have to haul around dead weight. I know this goes against what other knitters do. They seize the travel time as a chance for completion. Hmmm. Well ... maybe if I pack light on the shoes/clothes.

The plan is one something mindless, because as much as I would love to whip out some intricate knitting, I need something that I can look up from and enjoy the view on the train from Seattle to Vancouver. However I'm not going to bring the garter stitch Wonder blanket, too much bulk. But garter stitch is the idea ... so i will pick up Color Affection. I ordered the kit a while ago, and have been hoarding it :) I reread the pattern and it feels familiar enough. Though ... I will screw something up, I usually do, ha!

I also need something different and fun. So ... I've been whining about Rock Island, really wanting to make this for Mrs. P. but the truth is ... I'm afraid the chart reading will make me blind in frustration when I'm supposed to be enjoying my holiday. So I will cast on for it this week, and see if it's something I can actually travel with or if it's something I will need to set aside until I return and then go back to in the silence and solace of my bedroom.

If it is something that requires complete focus (which is something I lack) then I will bring a couple cakes of Peruvia Quick to cast on the ever popular Aidez.

Happy Knitting.

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