Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ellen's Wednesday Wisdom & Observations

No knitting today. Just lots of brain hodge podge.

*Chex Mix and sore throats aren't really a wise combination. However Halls + herbal tea = brush your teeth before your next meeting.

*When my husband watches R rated comedies he thinks he's a comedian, often at my expense with a crass joke. I have to admit it doesn't help when I laugh at him (even if it's out of absurdity). When he bombs really badly, I tell him he needs to "workshop it".

*When I am truly tired I carry around my knitting from room to room like a security blanket, but I just sit with it. "Too Tired To Knit". "Stop Your Whineding/Winding" "Knot enough time" "Bustin' my stitches." What do you think? A new line of sleep shirts for the exhausted knitter? Just kidding.

*Triscuts are not love and when you're having a rough day, you should back away from them and the smoked salmon spread and say to yourself. "It's time to leave, but you know we'll be together soon."

*On holding it together: Spanx makes a cotton blend underwear that really holds a girl together, but doesn't make me feel like I might suffocate. I have also learned that I should really try and stick to compression exercise-wear. I don't need my business doing any extra bouncing, it makes me feel heavier -- I'm talking about the pants. I have some groceries to hold up, and those lighter weight, weekend warrior, yoga bras don't really cut it for Cardio classes, and definitely not for running. However 2 of those lightweight bras provides decent maintenance.

*I ordered a new computer based more on my son's requests than mine or my husbands.  He is showing an interest in computer game development and movie making, thanks to camp. I still couldn't bring myself to get a Mac. After getting the faster processor and more memory, a Mac was still hundreds of dollars more expensive than the DELL I just purchased.

*Fact: I hate setting up new computers. Also, I'm so old fashioned even my Operating system is not the newest on a new computer. "Doesn't feel right." ha! (No seriously, Windows 8 seems more like a touch screen interface. If you're not getting a touch screen, what's the point? The interface seems ... unnecessary for our family. Less is more, and hopefully more stable...)

*When it rains it pours. My husband's partner is out of town on holiday this week. This means a 6 dayer for him, which is fine. This is how it used to be on a regular basis! But he's on his own opening and closing the restaurant and within the first three days: The coffee machine broke, the phone went down and the sink needed to be fixed. (Actually I think it's just he finally got around to fixing the sink, ha!) Also today the newest cook was AWOL. We've also had to rely on the La Famille Peche to ferry The Kid to soccer camp quite a bit for us, since After Care only goes to 5pm. Sheesh Christmas, I'm at work till 5:30! Even if I got out at 5pm, it would still be too late!

*Working it all out. This weekend that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to nail down the last of the summer camp plans including drop-off/pick ups, knit like a crazy woman, exercise. I believe one of my favorite teachers has a class this Sunday at 10am, which will leave a lot of knitting time. See that? 


  1. yippee you have knit time ahead of you

  2. Those Triscuits look good and a salmon smear? Yum.
    I have always believed about exercising is do it right - wear what makes you motivated and wear the right gear. My dry-fit gear is over eight years old and is timeles thank goodness. I'm kind of coveting some running pants though. I think they'll help my calves which were burning last time. PLanned to do weights today but got a sore throat bug. I like your tip but I had just shopped today at three, different stores and don't quite want to go again to another. I'll make due with hot water, honey, and thank goodness I have lemons.
    I had one MAC, from its first line. Then it was all PCs after that. If you're used to one than why switch unless you really, really have to?
    Sorry your husband had to deal with all those issues. What a day for him. Hope he had a beer when he got home.

  3. I do the same thing when I'm tired. I'll carry knitting from room to room, but I don't quite know what I'm doing.