Monday, July 29, 2013

Knitting Tid Bits

So this is my sock frozen in time. I think I know the proportions are kind of off, so I think it's slowed the momentum a bit. But don't worry, I've joined Andi's KAL (which is really a FAL - finish along) and is very awesome, because if there is any kind of peer pressure I need, it's the follow-through kind.

Andi's awesome knitalong!

(Yet for the record, it's really only your own pressure, Andi's not going to come after you with a wooden spoon like my Mom when I wouldn't do my chores, smart talking her and knocking over stuff in the kitchen running away from her -- sorry, flashback.)

This is how I have been distracting myself, I finally managed to cast on for a hitchhiker. It's fantastic times. When my mind is whirly-birding with next day work anxiety or I just can't focus on yarn overs, I crack this project bag open. The yarn is my first go with Little Red Bicycle. The colorway is "Sidewalk Chalk", and the little girl in me says, "totally."

And then there is the gift knitting.

 This one has potential to feel like obligation because I said I would make it out loud. This means there's a level of expectation. So I "have to". But it's a baby item and it's a return to pattern (Baby Sophisticate - Free). I have faith, and I'm sorry, I know I've mentioned it before, but if you're gonna acrylic, I can't hype the Brava worsted from Knit Picks enough. Get on that horse and ride it, because you and your hands will be happy with this washable soft project yarn.

What say you? We are verging on August. Where does your summer knitting stand? Have you joined Andi's knit along? Are you doing another one? Are you too deep in the heat or work or family to clickety clack?


  1. Since I'm lucky to have ac I knit whatever moves me. Love love love the color of the baby sophisticate immensely :) One lucky baby!

    1. I spent one holiday in Hawaii with a 8 month old baby in a house with no AC. I learned the value of AC that trip.

  2. I just finished a blanket knit. It was extremely warm trying to knit that thing. I'm glad to be doing a baby hat now. It's not sitting on my lap roasting me.

    I really like the color of the yarn.

    1. I love that blanket! Great texture play, but I completely know what you mean by roasting in a blanket knit. I will have to scrap/stash blanket knit again this winter. Nothing as lovely as yours. That thing was large! I want to make a bedspread, am I insane?

  3. Each one of these is a terrific project. The baby knit is in a rich color for the coming Fall. The Hitchhiker yarn is fabulous. LOve the old school feel.
    I haven't joined the FAL. I'm horrible with a-longs right now. I have a track record of jumping in and then dropping off the radar. All I can handle is Year of Projects.
    Can you believe school's starting soon? Too bloody quick if you ask me. Glad there's still a bit of time.

  4. I made Hitchhiker and love that pattern. Great yarn choice!