Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a check-in.

I really cannot seem to keep up with this summer.

I have more than a handful of half started posts. But I was pulled away or quickly distracted. 

I have been enjoying bloglovin to keep an eye on my favorite blogs, but when I try to comment it seems to be failing on my phone.

However between visiting family and sorting out work I have managed a little recreation time.

I made an heirloom tomato tart when I went to visit my father and stepmother who are hosting cousin Mary.
Not the best photo but tasty I promise. I will bake another one before the end of tomato season for sure.

I mooched some breakfast off my husbands plate. We can see the French heritage with those side portions eh?
When he saw my face when I saw him butter his plate he said, "don't judge me."

Butter on butter, he knew what I was thinking, but we all have our food things. I kept quiet.

I spent some time organizing my knitting piles and my WIPs.

It's all better now.

Tomorrow I'll post a WIP. My socks are on break, but other fun things are a happening!


  1. oh I do love to organize stuff, especially the knitting kind of stuff :) I would have helped you!

  2. the tart looks so good as does your other half's plate~ i see you joined andi's kal, what do you hope to finish? looking forward to your wip~ it's been a long time since i finished anything! hopefully the kal will set me in motion~

    have a great week~


  3. Oh I want to make and eat that tart. mmmmmmm
    Homegrown tomatoes

  4. Yum-o! That tart looks terrific. Did you make the bread from scratch? Always good to reorganize knitting gear. That's the only stuff besides the dishes that I'm not lazy about organizing, LOL.