Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday's pleasant rush

I can say right now, this weekend allowed for some brief sock knitting on Saturday between soccer skills academy and prime time tv nodding off but it was otherwise busy, hurried but fun.

My father's birthday BBQ was Saturday. He was happy things were intimate, and it was an overall good time. We all picked plums and peaches from his trees. (Which will be used towards restaurant jam) My stepmother put out a lovely spread and was just her usual joie de vie. Then my sister and BIL took The Kid, and our boys had fun nerd screen time. 

separated by 3.5 years each.

The Manfriend and I fought the no-kid sleep and watched Timmy Lincecum pitch a no-hitter for our Gigantes. 

I turned a heel but didn't have the proper number of stitches to pick up.

Today we slept till 8am (crazy pants) and walked to the Mission to pick up Bastille day provisions for our Franco American household. 

But sans kid we couldn't help but peek into brunch options and stopped in at Cafe Tartine. Very savory and hearty. 

After unpacking the provisions we headed out to pick up the offspring. But first we had some putt putt golf and hot dogs in Alameda. 

Look at my sisters "banh mi" dog.

Tasty, non?

I would show you pics of the evening knitting but there was none. I would show you pics of a lovely Bastille day dinner except we were eating it with exceptional out of town company (PT) whom like his exceptional wife does amazing admirable work with veterans, and whom we miss living locally, dreadfully, awfully.

And though I am exhausted I am happy and feel fortunate. If you didn't have such a weekend, I wish you one. More importantly, I wish you a great week to come.


  1. Awesome chow. It's always a refresher to have some no kids time and QT with the hub.

  2. Although in Chicago I am a HUGE Timmy L fan and was overjoyed to hear of his No No on Sunday morning when I awoke. I ONLY wish I'd known Saturday night in Virginia and I would have found it somehow.
    I miss his crazy hair.

    Lots of car knitting here as we drove like crazy folk to Virginia and back in a week to see our Daughter I miss her something awful!

  3. now i'm hungry! was the food as amazing as it looks?

    hope you have a great week too!