Sunday, July 7, 2013

Knitting shouldn't make you angry.

It shouldn't.

When things are strange or difficult sometimes one must accept, this is how things are, I know this. I have to deal with it and let it go.

Like how flossing should be automatic after the bedtime brush, and one should look away when husbands leave empty recycling 3 feet above the recycling bin on the counter because you love him and last time you checked he was the father of your kid.

These are more things that seem like "givens" in this world of daily habits, routine and structure.

My good life involves flossing, knitting and misguided recycling and well loved and adored family.  And they all seem to drive me insane at various points in the cycle of life.

But right now I am angry with my knitting, more specifically with my lace project I thought I had conquered. (yes just thinking I had conquered it is one of many mistakes I have committed on this project)

I was knitting along on my lace shawl, sure, ever so sure I was going to bind off yesterday and get trucking on something else or something new, when I realized with 8 stitches left and either a 3-needle bind off or kitchener coming --  I would be done.

I would be done AND this shawl would be ... tiny. Not handkerchief tiny but maybe more kerchief tiny. I thought that things would work itself out in the garter stitch section, alas it did not. I do not think blocking will help much, but I will still do it. I also do not understand how the kitchener or 3-needle bind off will work for this project, but I will do it.

I am feeling angry, hurt and confused by my project. I worked so hard and I still have failed.

Socks are looking sexier by the minute -- though I'm just in the tube part of sock world, we'll see how I feel when I gotta do the heel thingy.

Here's to knitting without a clenched jaw ...

*No pictures to show my shame today.  The universe is secretly telling me to suck it up and get gauge isn't it? DAMN YOU UNIVERSE! I Shake my fist at you!! I drink your milkshake!


  1. Sox are sexier by the minutes S And knitting makes us mad sometimes

  2. I don't know how tiny BUT blocking can make things way way bigger. If it's wool soak and really stretch it to be length wise. If it is too small you could pick up stitches along the edge double the stitches then do a garter stitch ruffle.

    I get mad at projects too. I put them in time out until I am not feeling anger. I have ripped out ENTIRE sweaters-with a zen calmness of course.

    1. You're absolutely right. I can't wail into the wall of despair without at least trying to block it.

  3. knitting does make you mad sometimes!!!! this past winter i was knitting a little hat, a simple little hat....a stupid little hat that i had started over 3 times. on the fourth unsuccessful attempt, i ripped it off the needles and tossed it in the fireplace! i admit....putting it down & trying later would have been a better option but watching that curly yarn melt felt so good!

    1. You captured that feeling with, "a simple little hat ..." Honestly, how the cabled sweater turned out fine, but another project will have us burning things. I guess it builds our appreciation when everything works out.