Monday, May 5, 2014

A Malabrigo May Give Away and Whoopie Pies!

Happy Monday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Malabrigo May!

Lots of excuses to type with the letter "M" today.

Today I dug up this lovely hank of Malabrigo in dewberry sock yarn. Honestly, it hurts a little to set this one free, but I have another hank of another purple Malabrio or um, 2 in the stash. How much does a slow knitter really need?  I want to spread some knit happiness and you guys make me knit happy all the time.

Would you like to give it a home? Can you envision a pattern with it?

Leave me a comment with some way of getting in touch with you (like a Ravelry handle) in this post by end of day next Monday, May 12th and maybe it can be yours!

Thanks for all your nice comments about my family and our food. You're right I'm lucky to have such a thoughtful family. The weekend felt good after shaking off that "edgy anxiety" as Karen put it so well -- that was exactly how I felt! I think we found a good balance of doing things and relaxing a bit.

It was a productive weekend for me, which was really nice. I kept some spring sorting going, getting 2 bags of clothes off to Goodwill and sorted 2 stacks of books for donation and sell back.

And I finally took a crack at a recipe that I've been meaning to try ... for ages, The Pioneer Woman's Oatmeal Whoopie Pies 

I followed the recipe and used store-bought marshmallow creme. I really couldn't be bothered with making my own filling. It is very important to freeze these so they set if you do not eat them immediately. They begin to ooze! (I am not sure just how long they need to come to room temperature, we pulled these from the freezer before our Sunday match so they were out covered in the sun for about an hour and a half, and held up OK) The PW thoughtfully prewarns of this condition with the marshmallow fluff, and offers another option in her recipe.

Oh and I also had some mint/dark chocolate chip cookie bars I baked on a quarter sheet. Not the best photo, but I'm working on that too. :)


  1. You guys eat GOOD at your house. LOL

    The cookie bars look really good. The whoopie pies too!

  2. The oatmeal cookies look yummy, so I'll take them without the marshmallow creme.

    The yarn looks yummy, too, but I am going to pass on the giveaway. I'm trying to reduce my own stash. ;o)

  3. Ooh! These desserts look yummy for the tummy! Hell yeah I'm entering this giveaway. Can you share the recipe for those cookie bars?

    1. Kepanie, it's just the Nestle recipe, but I used the dark chocolate chips and mint chips I had in the pantry. You can also get the Andes baking bits at the market. I took approximately half the dough and gently pressed into a parchment lined quarter sheet pan. Try using a lightly damp spatula or piece of waxed paper if it's too sticky. I baked for 20 mins. but you might want to check at 15 to see how it's looking. Trim the edges before cutting into bars. Cute little coffee snack :)

  4. What absolutely delicious cookies, you are always tempting me with things. Very brave of you to reduce your stash, you have some really lovely yarn. I'm so glad you had a good weekend, that edgy anxiety is horrible, I know exactly what you mean by it. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  5. your sweets are yummy looking indeed. Malabrigo is a lovely yarn to knit with :) How can you part with it?!?!

  6. Pioneer woman is like my crack website, as I can't get enough of her delicious recipes. Now I need to add those cookies to my list, they are making me drool over here!
    I have a bit of a weak spot for Malabrigo, which leads to the question why don't I have more in my stash?
    Lovely giveaway, Ellen. How ever are you able to part with this?

  7. I think that Malabrigo has my name on it, no one else needs to enter!

  8. Purple malabrigo. Get out of town! Socks of course

  9. Oooh - that yarn would make some lovely lace socks (Wanderingcat on Rav)
    And... now you've made me hungry!

  10. Yum, cookies and purple yarn! (Rebecca07 on rav)

  11. That is utterly gorgeous yarn. I need more purple yarn (and eventually more purple socks)
    Dystini on Ravelry

  12. Hey There ! Thanks for visiting my blog again. I first have to say that I am kind of over crocheting myself but I hate the thought that I have almost lost the skill. No it's not just you crocheting hurts my hand like crazy after a couple of hours and I have to stop until the next day or so. ~~ Those Oatmeal Whoopie Bars are illegal I'm sure. I may try the recipe and the cookie bars also. Oops. I just gained 3 pounds. ~~ The yarn is gorgeous. I think I have a skein of lavender something but NO purple. I am twocables on Ravelry and on Facebook. Have a great day !

  13. a small fingering weight shawl! hodges00 rav

  14. First, uh yum! Those Oatmeal Whoopie Pies and cookie bars! Get in my belly! You had me and mint/dark chocolate chip. :-) I also adore knitting with Malabrigo yarn and I know just how hard it is to part with it. Very pretty color too!

  15. hi ellen!
    you are as sweet as the treats you bake to give away mlabrigo!!! i think should i be the lucky one...i would knit socks, or maybe a scarf, perhaps a shawl, hmmmmmm

    happy weekending xo

  16. been out of country or i would have been first to post on this giveaway!!!! what a generous person you are! hope your week was wonderful.....