Monday, May 19, 2014

A point, a post to prove she still knits

(and some alliteration)

Lookee here, it's the Baby Harrigan sweater.

The Stats
Pattern: Little Coffee Bean
Yarn: Brava Worsted in Solstice Heather and Sky (1 ball each)
Size: 12 mos - did it really knit up that size? TBD it's been a long time since The Kid was a baby.

General Assessment and Baby Heads a commentary:
I like a cardigan pattern for the Small people. I feel like their ginormous head/body ratio is kind of overwhelming, even when they can actually support it. It's nice not to have to pull a bulky sweater over them. Also, the small people come in all shapes and sizes and grow at different rates just like the rest of us and a cardigan allows you to get a little more life out of it unbuttoned. This also plays to my reasoning of always knitting a large size. Everyone seems to have a million layette items, but what about when the kid can actually go out to the park for some basket swing time?

The stripes didn't get kill me, nor did the weaving in of the ends. In fact the stripes helped me keep my button sewing somewhat even. I still hate button bands. I think I did the ribbing reversed, but it's subtle enough that you can't easily notice it (so I tell myself). I opted for 4 buttons instead of 5, again minimizing "things" that can irritate their soft squishy selves. (Inhales and smells imaginary baby here)

Notice the button detail. Yes, those are sheep. ha! The sweater is acrylic but you know I'm a fan of the easy care and softness of the Knitpicks Brava worsted.

One small cardi done. One more small cardi to go ...


  1. It's adorable!

    I use acrylic for most baby knits because of its easy care for stressed mothers, many of which who are non-knitters and don't have a clue how to care for wool garments.

  2. That is adorable!!! I so agree with you about babies and their heads. I hated having to pull something tight over Stephen's ample noggin!

    This sweater is just perfect and I love the lambie buttons.

  3. Hey, that is a cute sweater! I think you did a really nice job, and the buttons are per-fect.

  4. Lovely, I love the buttons! I have always made cardigans for the little ones with big heads. The last thing I want is for the parents to have to try and yank and shove it over their heads.

  5. oh, those heads!!!! how many sweaters have i made over the years that didn't fit (the first time) over those heads!!!!! and I HATE to rip out neck ribbing. cardi is always a good choice (and mine now, too!!!)

  6. you did a fantastic job! I don't mind burying tons of threads most of the time :)

  7. Such an amazing knit up and gift. The stripes alone would have confused and got me!

  8. oh cute cute cute! i have never done any baby knitting(toddlers yes, baby not so much) well..... i did knit a pair of ballet slippers & two baby cocoons, but other than that, nothing, nada, nil but......that's about to change.....i'm gonna be a nana for the 8thtime late december/early january & that's about perfect for little knitted baby goodness don't ya think! your button choice :)


  9. What could be more perfect than a cardigan with sheep buttons? I love it and from here it looks like a great size, but who can really tell on a monitor? Love the stripes.

  10. Super cute sweater! I love the stripes:) I totally agree on the cardigan thing for babies. When I knit a baby sweater I normally knit a size or two too big. Sleeves can be cuffed and when that sudden growth spirt happens the sweater still fits.

  11. Yay!!! You done good, girl. I really like the contrast of the light and dark colors.