Sunday, May 11, 2014

The weekend went fast!

After a season of being undefeated The Mad Dogs lost their first match, badly. 

But the kids were in good spirits. The kid and I worked on some new recipes.

A lemon pound cake with vanilla glaze and a gluten free chocolate brownie cookie (couldn't get a proper gloss on them -- must be an egg white issue)

The Kid went to a sleepover with a few hundred children at Lady H's.

The Manfriend was given a few hours to himself after his Saturday shift and a trip to the gym. Denise and I went to see Smuin ballet with some tickets I won at the school fundraiser.

This was one of the sights we saw on our way to the Yerba Buena Center.

Today was a family revelry at the mother in law's. No photos, for too much fun was happening.

Tell me about your weekend!


  1. It all sounds wonderful, glad you've been having such a lovely time. I had a weekend without my middle boy - he was camping with cubs - and only half a weekend with the eldest who did half camp/half football tournament. So we took the littlest one to the seaside for an ice-cream on the sand. Well, in the sand as much as on it, it was REALLY windy. I hope you have a good week Ellen. CJ xx

  2. You had some wonderful adventures over the weekend. I attended a Fiber Guild retreat and learned some new skills as well as chatted with friends.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's day weekend for you. Great food, ballet and girl-time.
    Between you and Kepanie, I always end up hungry after your posts!

  4. Ahhhh Your baking is making me hungry this morning!
    I got called off work on saturday and had sunday off too!!!! The best way to work a weekend is not to work the weekend!

  5. My daughter graduated from college! And we painted together as a family at one of those painting was a really fun weekend.

  6. Those brownies look so delicious-send me a few!! My weekend was busy with a graduation and moving someone back home.

  7. Fun weekend. I have been meaning ot thank you for the wonderful card you sent about my Mom passing away, I so appreciate it. You are wonderful.

  8. Those look like delectable treats. Very cute how your son baked with you.

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Ours was pretty quiet with lacrosse for N both days and a visit with both my mother and MIL.