Monday, May 12, 2014

Someone smack me, because I'm draggin

I am just a haze and fog of thought. I have partial lists floating, but it seems I feel sort of partial in a lot that I'm doing.

My last post was really slapped together, my sentences more stilted than usual. I was so busy this weekend so I posted completely using my phone. It's not as easy to include links and detail using the phone, so I apologize. This may be one of those examples where I have been spreading myself a little too thin. It was a fun and good busy weekend but it was a back to backer for sure.

So now I will try to round up and weave-in some loose-ends.

The scene behind the scenes:

A new to me show: Orphan Black. I'm hoarding the last episode of the first season to a proper moment I can knit to it. I started watching it with the Manfriend, but he goes to sleep earlier than me, and the whole ease of Free On Demand is/was just more than I could bear to wait for him. (Sorry Dear!)

An older FO being worn: I knit this sweater for Bella last year and I guess she was sporting it this Spring again recently. I'm always happy when someone sends me a picture of something that actually use. I might have to see about that hoodie pattern for her, for the Fall ...

A few links to the newest recipes I tried: The Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Cookies from Epicurious/Bon Appetit (see if you can get a better gloss on your cookies, and let me know if you whipped the egg whites separately, as if to meringue). Here is the lemon pound cake recipe I used from weelicious. I opted to reduce the amount of zest and just did a plain vanilla glaze as some of the kids on the soccer team seem to have sensitive palettes. I used a mini bundt pan that is a PAIN to clean (hello cheap toothbrush) and a muffin top pan. (Both presents from my mother who is still constantly trying to nurture my domestic skills or lack thereof.)

A new favorite savory breakfast: Kepanie made eggs with green onion and pancetta and served it over rice. Brilliant. I like cheesey eggs as it. The boys put it on a piece of toast, but the rice speaks to me in secret loving comforting mom tones.

Making good on: Baby sweaters, fer reals. I bought buttons today at lunch and I see a sweater FO picture coming your way hecka soon. Pink socks. Though I should've cast on that other baby project.  I had to see if I could make some more tracks. I think I messed up one side a bit.


  1. Mahalo for the mention, Mama! My brain is fried too. Unusual SF weather and end of the year rush. Glad that doggie sweater is bein' used and appreciated.

  2. It's a busy time of year isn't it. I hope you have a calmer week, with some good knitting time. CJ xx

  3. Wow ....busy, busy! But it sounds like it's a good kind of busy. Can't wait to see the pink socks. :-)

  4. Bella looks so comfy in her sweater:)
    The Husband and I love Orphan Black! It's really a fun show to watch. Season two is even better than season 1.

  5. The fact you can even post from your phone is nothing short of amazing. Hope your head clears and life slows down a bit.

  6. Uugghh - I feel like that right now, though it doesn't help my work schedule keeps changing. All these to dos and its already mid-May and nothing done. Doesn't help that most of May has been rain, rain and more rain.

  7. I have tried blogging from my phone and it really isn't easy! Kudos to you! Once I move into my new apartment, I'm going to give that pound cake a try. Hope things slow down a bit for you.

  8. DONUT pan? ? I don't even have a muffin pan. I do, however, eat anything LEMON!!! What's fresher than lemon anything????
    That doggie photo with your knit up is so cute. WOOF WOOF and Woof