Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I Did This Weekend

I'm joining Carole today. The "Ten on Tuesday" topic is perfect post Memorial Day Weekend (like the gorgeous shot of her grilled hot dogs -- insert my food hankering here). She used the "B" word in her post so now I also feel compelled to make brownies.

1. Mother and son walk home. Friday - I went to go pick my son up from After School Care. Usually the Manfriend picks him up, because I get out of work later than him, but the traffic was chaotic, probably because it was the beginning of a holiday weekend. The Kid was in a sunny and chatty mood when I got him. It's just over a mile back down to our apartment. An easy distance for a tired and hungry kid, but enough time to have a few good laughs. I walked up to get him from work, so I personally got a few calorie bonus points ;)

2. Made mini jam and Nutella pies again. A few tiny chopped up pieces of strawberry make it extra tasty. Can you tell I have tendency to overfill my minis?

3. Made Snickerdoodles. I froze some of the dough to experiment with thaw times for prepped baking. Do you guys do this? I do it with slice and bake, but I have never done Snickerdoodle before.

4. Made fried wontons.

5. The Kid and I had friends over to play on Saturday (which is what I made 2 & 3 for). Technically he had friends over and then whatever families could make it at pick up stayed for some wine, table kitchen dinner and chat. It was really nice. The Manfriend got home in time to keep me from over cooking the salmon. We even had 2 little sisters, which is a treat for us. We are usually surrounded by a lot of boy energy.

6. Went to visit my Sister's family on "The Island" as they've taken to calling Alameda. They had just finished up baseball practice and we grilled up some chicken that we ate with cucumbers and sticky rice, Thai-style. We laughed about our funny little boys. I finally delivered "The Green Thing", this giant stuffed frog my Mother sent for the little nephew. He loved it and it instantly wrestled with his Giant Green Gorilla.We had a good laugh how Mom will send things to me for my Sister and send things to my Sister for me. Not on accident. I think she's just combining shipping and forcing us to see each other, ha! Not that we don't like each other. Dad and StepMom couldn't make it (we were last minute planning ... again and they had plans) but we had family spirit  for them, for sure.

7.  I took a Zumba class for an hour and 45 minutes. It was supposed to be an hour and a half, but she did a few extras for us. It was a special Memorial Day class at one of the gym's other (fancier) locations. I was exhausted. I think I will have a side of Advil with my dinner today.

8. I ate a bowl of Ramen in Japantown at Suzu after class, by myself and read the Guardian and had a glass of unsweetened Iced Tea. It was magical.

8. I bought a nice (expensive for me) new pair of summer pants. I even tried them on in a REAL store and didn't just order them online so I could avoid returning things unnecessarily. (pats herself on back) I am hoping I do not destroy them before the end of the summer. I am queen of destroying nicer things that I like. That tatty sweater shirt that makes me look like I'm wearing a cereal box? Yeah, that thing won't die. (Hmm, guess what I'm putting in the Goodwill bag tonight ...)

9. I worked with my son on his final report of the year, on the keystone state of Pennsylvania. We have not killed each other. His father is picking him up early to finish it before we go to see the USA vs. Azerbaijan soccer match. (which I cannot pronounce if I do not see it's spelling -- another embarrassing but true Ellen fact.)

10. I finished knitting and weaving in of Baby Sophisticate. Alas, I couldn't finish it off because I didn't have enough/right buttons.


  1. You've been busy! I'd gain 10+ pounds if I made all those yummy foods.

  2. What a fun family and friend time you have had! I am wicked jealous. If I lived close by, you would probably have a hard time getting rid of me. As usual your foods slay me. Authentic Ramen is my ultimate favorite comfort food. The thought of reading, having a glass of ice tea and partaking in that bowl of love, is my idea of heaven!

  3. Great. Now I am hungry even though I am full from dinner! LOL

  4. Whew!!! Now I'm tired! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.

  5. I'm going to have to google snickerdoodle, it's worth making for the name alone! I know exactly what you mean by being surrounded by boy energy, I usually am too and it can be quite full on can't it. I hope you enjoy the football, not long until World Cup frenzy hits this house. You do cook the nicest things, I love the little mini pies. I could eat a couple right now in fact...

  6. I love the stuff you make and they look quite tasty. I don't think I could make 15 minutes through a Zumba class, but I like that you can and do!! Lovely bowl of noodles :)

  7. another fun prompt.
    All that food …yum . LOVE snicker doodles.
    I hate to pay full price, but I did for a pair of Lands end summer pants …last week. They fit and it was worth it

  8. You are such a fun baker. I was gonna make Bourbon banana bread but ended up putting the butter and eggs away. Was feeling lazy.
    Goods for you on treating yourself to some pants. They look so comfy! I would rock those. That bowl of noodles made my mouth water.

  9. You wear me out.

    The ramen looks delicious. Your cooking is off the chart.