Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eating Well at Dillon Beach

This past weekend was all about family good times. 4 families with the same sur name went to Dillon Beach to be together, and celebrate the family my father in law left behind.  It was very informal, and was as he would've appreciated.

We enjoyed each other, some who flew in and some who drove in.  Because of work schedules, 2 of the brothers had to overlap. One had Saturday off and one had Monday off and Sunday we were all together, all day long. 

We had a great luncheon.

The house we rented had a magnificent long table, perfect for a family retreat (and lots of tasty treats).

 Look at my people, aren't they cute?

SIL H is a master at bbq ribs. Her dry rub is delish, her method of preparation with a steam at the end to completely tenderize every morsel? AMAZING.

BBQ chicken always a crowd pleaser. The Middle BIL was overly apologetic, since he's used to a gas grill opposed to charcoal, but I tell you, this was some tasty chicken. No complaints to be found.

Grilled squash and zucchini. Probably my favorite vegetables grilled.
Favorite, except for um asparagus.

Grilled peppers go with everything. I do not partake of grilled jalapenos. My stomach cannot handle them as it matures (my stomach that is). However if you grill the peppers whole with the seeds in, they are delicious and the heat it exudes is so impressive. Ah, the glory days. Mom can still take these down though. She would've loved this meal.

From my husband and "The Middle One".  Fresh and Hot. Truly hot. Use sparingly. Be warned there is no control spout, so don't pour it all crazy style like Auntie did. hehe.

Potato salad, we admit, it was an after thought. The potatoes weren't cooked enough, but hey, it was a good idea and it looked really nice.

This is probably my favorite summer salad. I prefer this over the Caprese. Tomato and Avocado (we mixed in green beans from the salad the night before) with vinagrette and red onion. 

Good times.


  1. Wonderful gathering and delicious food. We did that a few times gathering at a beach house, many wonderful memories were made :)

  2. Girl, I love how y'all know know how to eat! Grilled veggies are so yummy. The meat looks good too.