Friday, June 13, 2014

Winner Winner! Oysters for Dinner!

Last night the boys took me out for an early birthday dinner. Celebrating with some Anglophilia they made reservations at Cavalier downtown.

Per usual we started with oysters. The Kid commandeered mine, so we had to order a few more.

The Manfriend tried a few baked ones sharing with The Kid, while I stuck with my Walker Creeks (I forgot the name of the other ones.

I'm not an egg person so these were all The Manfriend's. "Quail Egg Mayonnaise"

We shared this simple salad of seasonal greens and citrus vinaigrette and herbs. It was so lovely we ordered a second.

The Kid had the classic Fish and Chips. Malt Vinegar was enjoyed but he ignored both ketchup and aioli. The batter on this was so light and crisp. I was really impressed. The side dish is of peas, pea tendrils and mint in the same citrus vinaigrette as the salad. This was a huge family SWOON.

The Manfriend opted Lamb with a salsa verde for his entree.

He shared my beef dripping chips which were very .. beefy. Delicious, but it made me feel ... dirty. I will have to do an extra day of cardio ... next week.

Dessert was indecisive so we shared the steamed rhubarb pudding, and the Chocolate Delice which was a little too much like eating frosting. It needed whipped cream and or some kind of texture to cut it more.

That concludes the "Oyster Dinner" which means now we have the winners!

The Random # generator gave us 3 & 9 which is Deborah and Brenda Cooper! Thanks for coming by and participating. I'll be sending you your new patterns via Ravelry today!


  1. Belated happy birthday. I would say I hope you had a good time, but it looks like you already DID!

  2. Um, I am so uncultured because I barely recognize any of that as food. LOL! Happy Birthday!

  3. Hau'oli la hanau, Ellen. What a high star dinner you had. Glad your ohana took you out in style. Your boy looks so handsome in his sport coat.

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Looks like a very fancy dinner, fish and chips don't look anything like that in these 'ere parts. Glad you enjoyed it. CJ xx

  5. I wish you SUCH a happy happy birthday!! Dinner salad and fish and chips appealed to me most in this pretend dinner

  6. Wow what a fantastic meal !!! Thank You for joining my page. You have won the sock yarn you liked. Please message me your name and address on Ravelry. I am Twocables on Ravelry and I want to get your yarn to you. Congratulations !

  7. Oh wow - I am drooling! Those oysters look amazing, and that chocolate dessert looks right up my alley. Congrats to the winners!

  8. Happy early Birthday, I think you were properly spoiled.

  9. Happy Birthday. Your special dinner looks very tasty!

  10. happy birthday! and congrats to the winners :)

  11. OMG, happy belated. (We share the same birthday, btw!!! June 16!)