Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Starts: Finished Mother & Son YA read

The San Francisco Unified School District has officially ended it's regular school year. The last week was a great and grand time. The Kid managed a field trip to see some UCSF Labratories and the one with me (since some of you asked) at Golden Gate Park for the combined 5th grade class field trip. It was a glorious day. Grownups and Kids alike enjoyed. My pal FogLady took this fantastic photo of The Kid and I simply have to share it. Childhood shenanigans at work. Love it.
Also I read something to start the summer:

I read Legend by Marie Lu, per The Kid's request/suggestion. Taking the advice from both Kepanie (a former fifth grade teacher and current PTA Mom extraordinaire) and The Kid's actual 5th grade teacher, I am continuing to try and read what he reads, especially when he asks, just to have something else to relate to and discuss. We are all also hoping that it will improve his comprehension skills.
                                                             Front Cover
Yes, another Dystopian society book. This one like, the final book in the Divergent series, vacillates between the narration of 2 main characters. One male, one female. Again I enjoyed the story for the most part, but the writing style was a little thin for me. For example, there were some character deaths that I understood the impact of to the other characters in the storiy, and how it may have guided or supported the story, but I didn't feel the impact.  Sometimes the construction of both sentence and story would temporarily confuse me. (Perhaps it's more of a reflection of my personal intelligence, it's possible, I'm no Einstein.) Perhaps I am becoming disillusioned and tired of this genre?

Perhaps I could blame  Bella's Dad and also CM, The Kid's pal (with lots of reading recommendations) for pointing out the weakness of grammar in the dystopian and the new fantasy genres. 

I will continue to read the series though. The Kid has already read through the series twice for fun and is waiting for me to catch up. He has more suggestions, he says ... but I may have to read some grown up fiction first. Maybe a nice fluffy formulaic mystery? Escapism, comforting and a fairly quick read, this is what I want.

June, June. I will try to write some decent posts this month. We have the double give away! I am debating on having one giveaway post with two wins or two separate giveaway posts. Thoughts?

I have some photos from some nice dinners recent and further back that I've been meaning to share. So that will be coming.

And fer reals, back to the wool, it's slower than pond water, but there is sock knitting happening. In fact I have to show you some new sock yarn I recently acquired and we have to discuss personal themes in self striping yarn. 


  1. What a lovely photo, glad you had a good field trip with him. Have you guys read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy? The first one is called Northern Lights. I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm always on the lookout for good books for the boys, so I'll have a look at Legend. Wishing you a lovely summer. CJ xx

    1. I have read the trilogy and definitely enjoyed it. The first book is undoubtedly my favorite. "Northern Lights" is actually called "The Golden Compass" out here. The Kid has not read it yet, but it's a great idea for the summer. Happy summer to you too!

  2. I tried to keep up with Al's reading and eventually had to give up. I probably let her read more than I should have. She laughs about it now.
    SUMMER yeah!!!! Nothing like summer for kids.
    I encouraged mine to read read read and daydream.

    any yarn giveaways good with me!

  3. Now that is a handsome young man. I use to keep up with my children's reading list but I never had time to read their books. What a joy and a great connection for you.

  4. What an awesome photo! So handsome! I love that you are reading books along with your son! I don't think I would have any problem doing that. While I love my grown-up books, I also find myself liking to dive into those YA novels too. The one thing that buggers me with any book is when there are obvious grammar mistakes. I always say to myself "Did anyone edit this before publishing?'.

  5. Handsome boy and going into middle school! Very cute how you read with him. My elder reads too fast for me. Just like me when I was a kid. She shares it all and I try to ply her with questions. Thanks for the shout out.