Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekending Leftovers

Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise is sharing her weekend again and everyone is sharing theirs as well. I love seeing everyone's happy and busy.

Woolythyme and I both had dough a'risin' on the brain. I love lifting that lid and seeing the bubble and rise. If that doesn't bring out the inner kid grin, I dunno what does.

The dough went towards my leftover pies. The Manfriend made a wonderful roast chicken dinner and it had already fed us for 2.5 meals, but I could not let that lovely meal go. So I decided to make roast chicken pies.

Left over steamed potatoes.

Chopped garlic butter green beans.

Diced roast chicken, of course! (you can't see the jus/gravy mixed in. Mmmm.)

I also had too many berries of various sorts kicking around that I was afraid wouldn't last much longer. So I decided to make berry cheesecake squares. It took longer to set than I expected, but it seemed to please. Not the prettiest of photos, but you get the gist of it :)


  1. Want to come to my house and fix a couple of meals? Yours look more appetizing than ANY of the ones I make.

  2. Now I want bread dough and its yeasty yummy smell in my kitchen. ITs so dang humid out though, it wouldn't rise well today. Hmmmm, I may have to stop at the bakery now. See what you've done?

  3. Yum! I am coming over for leftovers.

  4. I have to remember next time I view your blog to bring a napkin ... your posts often make me drool ... like that berry cheesecake ... uumm OMG!

  5. You are on a cooking/baking roll. That dough looks so good. I have to tweeter making pizza dough as my first attempt sucked.

  6. Can I come to your house for a meal? I love everything you have in this post! I love roasting potatoes and carrots together in the oven and frequently make that at least once a week.

  7. sheesh you make me hungry girl! i'm terribly behind on visiting blogs and i missed your birthday! happy happy belated birthday my friend! xo

  8. You had me at those berry cheesecake squares! Ummmm any leftovers? Ok I need to go eat now. Love love love!