Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday: A Summer of Socks

This is my 5th pair of socks since giving sock knitting a spin last year. And let me tell you ... I. AM. SMITTEN ... with sock knitting, that is.

This basic ribbed sock  recommended to me by Andi as a beginner pattern has been a good gateway pattern for me. However taking this puppy for a spin for a fourth time, it's time to move on. I prefer a reinforced slip stitch heel and I am not thrilled with the elflike toe this "decrease to 8 stitches and pull-through to finish" has. Maybe if I grafted the last 8 instead? hmm. Are there a lot of different ways to do a toe if you knit cuff down? Just wondering.

Anyways I have not learned yet to identify the correct part of patterning yarn to get the second sock to match the first. Good thing I'm not too worried about it  ... yet ;)

I dream in sock yarn.

I get excited when anyone tells me they like handknit socks. These will be my summer 2014 pair. What do you think, happy rainbows and magical unicorns dance along pixie filled meadows?!?

I love this sock yarn, it's Top Cat by Wandering Cat Yarns and I think I will need to keep this awesome softness as a regular in my life. Truthfully I've barely knit an inch since I last showed you this sock. The problem is this pattern. I have to ... think. Therefore I ignore the project. I think if I don't get at least one sock done at the end of the summer with non monstrous results I will pull it out. However, this colorway is just another big happy Hello Kitty hug, if I'm too impatient I may need to knit it up with something else, even just a vanilla sock to show off the yarn.

I have another non sock project I'm prepping to cast on for this upcoming weekend. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime Knit Strong and tell me do you have any sock preferences? Patterns, methods, toes and or heels etc?

Oh and you have one more day to enter the Ainsley pattern give away here!


  1. Ok, now I REALLY have to finish those 2-at-a-time socks that have been in the WIP basket for over three years. Because I need a pair of rainbow striped socks :)
    I have a vanilla cuff-down pattern that I use, similar to the one by Susan B. Anderson ( I've never tried toe-up but have heard a lot of people rave about
    it. I also prefer knitting one at a time on dpn's.

  2. I really love Hermione's Everyday Socks. The pattern is super easy and once you get working on it you can even recognize which row you stopped on so you don't have to worry about keeping up with the pattern. I do not (ever) worry about matching my socks. I think that's a big part of the charm and magic of handknit socks made from all this gorgeous yarn!

  3. Looking good. I recommend grafted toes, especially if you have wide feet - the socks fit better.

  4. hi ellen!
    i prefer a grafted toe because i like the feel & look of it. i usually leave on 12-14 st on ea needle for the graft because i don't like the pointy-ness of fewer stitches. if you want a bit of a challenge, you might try's a fun sock to do!
    happy weekending~


  5. Sock knitting does suck you in, doesn't it?

    Like many of the people above, I prefer a grafted toe. But there are round toes, and star toes and may more you can do.

    That knit picks sock is going to be fun - I love striping yarns - the sock seems to go so fast because you just want to get to the next colour. I like patterns that have 8-10 rows repeats for the same reason - they just seem to fly.

    And of course, I love the Wandering Cat sock - it's knitting up nicely!

  6. You are talented in sock knitting and I love your socks. I also love that feeling of adoring a project on the needles, so satisfying :)

  7. I am impressed with your sock knitting abilities, I gave up socks after my fourth or fifth pair, I suffered way too much from second sock syndrome.

  8. I SO want to knit socks, but I fear it may be beyond me. I even have a ball of sock yarn with only a little bit missing from it. I can't imagine I'd be able to identify the right place in the yarn to start the new sock either. I'll look forward to seeing the finished pairs. CJ xx

  9. Sock knitting is my favorite. Monkey and Blueberry Waffle are my go-to patterns and I almost always kitchener the toe. I used to do the drawn toe like yours but found over time it would stretch out of shape.

    As for your comment on my blog: elns has left a new comment on your post "Caffeinating":

    Star Wars, Coffee and socks. Swoon. You're my dream date Dee!

    C'mon down ---- we'll do coffee, and socks!

  10. Oh the sock bug is dangerous when it bites you> You must continually apply new sock yarn to your cheeks in the knit stores without the HELP see ing you. I love a round toe I only knit from the top down. Kitchener makes me afraid , very afraid

  11. I am green. I've been itching to knit socks because of all of you enablers. I wanna try either two at a time or have two going on at the same time. But that means I gotta buy more needles. Dunno if I'm down with that.
    That rainbow spectacular sock yarn? Uh, like Rainbow Brite! Let's take it back to the old school, Ma!

  12. That Andi, always enabling you with patterns. :) Hehe!
    I agree with most that I love a grafted toe, over most others. I almost always modify the toe if it is anything other than grafted.
    Your socks are fantastic. Love the rainbow yarn.