Monday, January 12, 2015

New stuff, my random commentary and the weekend highlights

The problem with joining Knit Alongs is getting sucked into other people's problems. This would be the project bag problem. People were putting their new Works in Progress into new Project bags. What can I say. I embraced my inner lemming and found some fun (and pink!) project bags over at Etsy. Etsy aka the danger zone and they came this weekend!

I am a huge fan of the box bag, so I got one of those and decided to try a drawstring one. Semiferrgrrl was really sweet and sent me the little traveler as a bonus gift. By the way this order came really quickly and I was really touched by not just the gift, but her little note on her desire to provide good customer service. This is my purchase with her, but I wouldn't be surprised if I return (shh, don't rat me out to the family!)

Look at the lining! Fun right? It's perfect for me. I'm going to stick my travel pack (bus pass/ID/1 major cc /debit card all bound with a produce rubberband) in there with a travel size tissue and lip balm. ALWAYS travel with lip balm -- words to embrace, people. My biggest regret in my labor & delivery? NO lip balm, mind you I didn't even have a bag packed, so cut me some slack.  Seriously, screw the epidural (no I didn't get one in time), what I would've done for a glass of water and some cherry flavored Chapstick. In the back of my jumbled mind, the feelings of that memory are so vivid.

Okay returning from memory lane, I also wanted to share this Christmas acquisition. This was one of the many generous gifts from my pal HM. She makes it rain on me like Christmas all year round as it is, so this was really excessive. But I thanked her profusely, I promise!

Anyhow, this is my "snack set" also known in some circles as a "tennis set". You may recognize the pattern from Spode. I have a few of these pieces in my kitchen. Pasta plates and a sandwich serving platter. They bring me great joy. (Pioneer woman I think has them too :)

She found this online for me and I love it. It's perfect for when I sneak into my room (where I'm not supposed to eat) when boy domination has taken over our little living room or for Sat/Sun mornings for a little toast and tea or coffee watching soccer, easing my way into the weekend. (insert swooning here).

The boys think it's kind of unnecessary -- seeing how we already have both plates and cups.  I'm reassured by this. It makes me think, they won't use it and therefore it's life expectancy has just grown.

On another note this is a weekend highlight. It's one of the best cups of coffee I've had in 2015. Random, but true, like so much of my life ;)

And this is just another shot to prove:

a) I put photos in my posts.

b) I might have a slight problem with blue and white dishes. I got this one in Chinatown a long time ago.

Things that happened this weekend:
  • Some crude attempts at free-ish hand embroidery. I don't really want to talk about it. It isn't an absolute fail, but it's definitely more Regretsky than Etsy...
  • I finished the sleeves on my cardigan, alas not the edging. I am sticking to my mission and really avoiding working on anything else till this thing gets done. It's hard. It's so very ... hard.
  • The Kid had his first futsal match this winter and I'm pleased that his muscles haven't totally given in to atrophy and he's got some physical coordination left beyond the hand muscles used for video game domination. (aye me!!)
  • I made some brownies for the team and none were left! I did forget the toffee bit topping, but you know, no-one knew but me, hehe.
  • I got 2 days of exercise in but my sister passed me in the Steps leader board for the week in our little family Fitbit competition. I think it frightens my husband and son a little how naturally competitive my side of the family is. Well get out of the way while we get to winning -- what? I'm just kidding!!
What made your weekend or what did you make this weekend? Are you already day dreaming all moon-eyed for the next one like me?


  1. Great gifts from yourself and friends! I love the snack set, but then I love blue be white pottery.

  2. Those project bags are too adorable. I've always wanted to learn to make them. One day....
    As for blue and white dishes, they are the epitome of charming. I've always wanted a set of Blue Willow with a matching tea pot. The tennis set is brilliant. I've never seen one but what a clever way to keep your cookies from getting sloshed by your tea.

  3. i had to smile about the boy-dominated daughter lives in that testosterone filled home, too----I make sure she gets the 'pink' stuff (although she has one boy who absolutely LOVES pink.....I think it started with how much he likes his phys ed teacher who went through a bought of cancer---and he wanted to wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness; he just likes it now. go figure. this kid is into sports BIG time and even convinced one basketball team he was on to pick pink for their uniforms----and they did. What a trend setter?)

  4. Competing? My Youngest can put anyone to shame with her desire to win. I used to have that drive, but where would I use it now? Knitting competitions? I know they have them, just not sure why. LOL

  5. First off: YOU made a fantastic purchase on the box bag! You supported a fellow artist by purchasing on etsy!!!!
    There is no rule about how many dishes a girl can have in blue...
    I have caved in to Fireman's training thoughts: I'm workout HARD for 15 minutes instead of walking slowly on the elliptical for 30 to 40 minutes.
    I'd lose in any competition!
    Except a writing competition.... I have diarrhea of the fingers...on the keyboard. Always have!

  6. Hehehe "Regretsky not Etsy". How you make me giggle! Nothing wrong with a little competition. Makes you push a little harder and it's healthy! Proud of you for focusing all your knitting attention to that sweater. It will be worth it. My weekend was all about crossing things of the good ol' To Do list. I did manage to get some knitting in while multitasking.

  7. Love the project bags. I think I need new ones since I have recently been caught using a Ziploc bag or two. Heehee!

    Calling Etsy the danger zone--well, you hit that nail on the head.

    I think I have a few pieces of that pretty Spode. I must find it and use it!

  8. Not much creating done here over the weekend, although I did tackle the other half's family photos and got them all in an album and labelled. It's made me feel a little more organised. Your competitive streak with your sister has made me laugh. I pretend not to be competitive at all, and so long as I am winning at everything there are no problems with this. Enjoy the rest of the week Ellen. CJ xx

  9. Cu-ute project bags, GF! Damn straight you needed those and deserve them. Busy weekend running around, I'm afraid. No pajama jammy day nor baking. However, I finally got to see Downton; yay! And watched Hotel Transylvania with the girls. Funny. Love Adam Sandler.

  10. I like plain chapstick and have many sprinkled throughout my house, purse, pockets etc....a necessity! Lovely gifts especially the cup :)

  11. I love me some lip balm!!!! Oh my goodness I have to have it on all the time, you know there is an addiction for it? Just saying I might be the sponsor of the support group. Okay now I have to go and put some on my lips.

    Okay I am back and you tell those boys of yours that blue and white china is essential to your well being, well that yarn and chapstick.

  12. You can never have too many cute project bags. Love the print on yours. Also love the tennis set. So very charming and old fashion. Makes snack or tea time special, a thing that my guys do not understand at all. Their idea of refine is standing in front of the open fridge gobbling up whatever is at hand.

  13. I'm a project bag junkie too ... who isn't? Love that koi cup! My weekends are every 4 days (not actual Sat & Sun) but on my last days off I made French Toast and had local, fresh maple syrup! Oh and I totally agree about the lip balm ... I never go ANYWHERE without it!! If somehow ... which is really not possible I forget it, I buy some wherever I am.