Thursday, January 29, 2015

Knitters are the best

You guys are fantastic. Thanks so much for the great advice.

You all overwhelmingly agree to stick with the smaller needles for the ribbing. So this is what I'll do.

My thanks to Araignee and Autumngeisha for reminding me that garment knitting often takes multiple passes.  --"Most of mine require a bit of a wrestling match before I can wear them :)"


Anyhow I've decided I am going to first take Karen's advice and give the old Brown Bear (this has become the sweater's new name) in a time out for 2 weeks and then sit down with it and give it some proper TLC.

Meanwhile I have been knitting in purple with the glee of an uninhibited knitter. Right weight yarn with the wrong needle. Probably gonna run out of yarn. So bright but so wrong. 

Can't stop, won't stop, give it to me.

I'm plotting another similar weight yarn to absorb the end of the shawl. Not stripes but more color blocking.

In the zone.

What's floating your boat? What projects are you punishing? 


  1. So glad you're in the zone, it's a happy place to be. Everything has ground to a halt here, I'm not sure why. I'm looking at Ravelry quite a bit though, does that count? Wishing you a happy and knitterly weekend Ellen. CJ xx

  2. oh gosh. somehow, i missed that last post! I was in a class once with a real professional knitting instructor....she's written books about finishing. And as we were doing a pick up button band, she just casually remarked......if it doesn't work the first time, just rework it. No big deal. The joys of knitting! You just found more knitting!!! This kind of thing hardly ever works on the first try. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. If the pros need two or three attempts to get a button band right, why did I always sort of beat myself up if I didn't do it right on the first??? I totally agree with Karen----let it set for a couple weeks. Then I think I'd just try using the smaller called for needle, but pick up more stitches. I think that will do the trick.....and if the front doesn't pull up quite so much, you might feel it's not quite so bulky/boxy, too. (I do love the way the hood fits!!!!)

  3. wow I love that burst of lilacy purple!! so so so pretty!! Glad that time out is what you are doing, it will serve you well and calm critiquing will occur.

  4. It's gorgeous!

    I agree that time-out is probably the best thing for the sweater. Distance from a frustrating project helps determine if you really want to finish it.

  5. Karen has some good advice there. A time out at this point sounds appropriate. I'm trying real hard to finish a shawl I have been working on since Christmas so that I can cast on a new sweater during the super bowl. And then cast on a new shawl, and a hat design I'm thinking about, and I need mittens.... the madness never ends!

  6. I agree with putting the sweater in time out. When you pick it back up you'll feel more refreshed and able to handle reknitting the band better. I absolutely love the color of this yarn you are currently knitting with and it reminds me of Spring!!!! Need some Spring amongst my snowy Winter weather right now.

  7. Glad you didn't frog the brown bear. A time out can help renew favor. That purple certain electrifies any slump. Glad your happy and knitting.

  8. I'd knit anything in that purple even if I had to knit it again.....and again.
    As for my boat, it's sinking at the moment. My staritis has bogged me down so I'm only allowing myself a few rows here and there until I get the mojo back.

  9. No wonder you're in the zone with that great color. Time out does amazing things! You'll see.

  10. Wonderful color ... I am not a pink person, but I do love me some fuschia!

  11. I have a knitted dress I hate that has been in time out for years, I can't throw it out but I will never wear it. Love the yarn you are using.